Soma Prana Yoga Immersion training hatha vinyasa-Irana JiAn Fouroulis Paros-Greece-

Anapnoe Yin Yoga Rasa & Pranayama Workshop

5-8 AUGUST 2020


With Senior Yoga Teacher Irana JiAn

Breath: Enlivening the mind and Body
Understanding Pranayama & Witnessing the breath

in Soma Prana Yoga Flow

Breath: Enlivening the mind and Body

Rasa is a Sanskrit term meaning  “essence”. In the spiritual tradition, this term refers to the essence of human experience; the emotions that govern human life.

Tantric belief identifies nine basic human emotions. In the practice of yoga, however, only three of these Rasas are considered to be fundamental: the Vira rasa (refers to the power of controlling the breath, mind and body), the Shanti rasa (refers to the serenity of equilibrium) and the Sringara rasa (refers to the spiritual and physical unity achieved through yoga).

Anapnoe Yin Rasa Yoga is a Yin style Yoga practice, mainly mat practice- to release tension-, where we integrate Pranayama and Embodied Awareness through the Breath.

We move slowly through long deep breathing and a wide range of Asanas, transitioning gracefully with the breath (like in vinyasa) from one posture to the next.

We learn how to surrender into gravity and relaxation to open the body (staying in our limits rather than forcing the body) and move into advanced Asana without tension and with much awareness.

Through this practice our physical body heals and transforms into a supple one, our breath deepens and our mind becomes peaceful. We become integrated and receptive in nature.

We cultivate awareness through the breath-body and stillness within movement. Knowing something about the theory and structure of breathing will make it easier to understand how to breathe and the advantages of breathing well.

The breath holds the body and mind together in such a way that it gives them life. It activates the body’s physiological systems and gives life to our mind and emotions. Working with the breath in yoga has two layers: breath training and Pranayama (breath control). Relaxation is built on breath training.

AnapnoeYoga® is a slow, gentle yet deeply grounding & strengthening Vinyasa Yoga practice that encourages the fluidity of the spine. Through deep long breathing, we explore the divine wisdom of organic movement.

Breath awareness in Asana liberates one’s body-mind from deep-rooted imprints.Through this Yinviny Yoga practice, we become more receptive, finding our body’s natural movement & expression. Movement unfolds from our core out in all directions. It is an integral practice that cultivates presence as embodiment.

Workshop program

A four day/ 16 TTC credit hours workshop
10:30-12:30 hs at Yoga Shala Paros
18:00-20:00 hs at Yoga Shala Paros training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-

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Yin Yoga Rasa & Pranayama Workshop


16hs TTC credit-Hr Anapnoe Yoga Soma Prana  Immersion – Stillness in Flow

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