Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Japan training hatha vinyasa-Irana JiAn Fouroulis Paros-Greece-

8-day Pranayama & Meditation Retreat


October 18-25, 2019

Yui Valley-Traditional Japan house

Led by senior Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Irana JiAn Fouroulis

This Exclusive Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat is an invitation to share days of peace, silence and meditative tranquillity in nature. We meet here to find stillness and silence and become more receptive, awakening natural breath & senses, through Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Silent Meditation. Take a chance to nurture and re-centre yourself with the beauty of nature in this magnificent locations in Yui Valley-Japan.


I was inspired by this amazing traditional Japanese house and its location and spontaneously booked this space. I found it magically while silently willing to get inspired.

My idea is to share with you my own retreat time and not to be teaching but leading you, inspiring you silently into stillness.


Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat

AnapnoeYoga® is a slow, gentle, grounding yet deeply strengthening  Yoga practice that encourages the fluidity of the spine and the unfolding of the body-mind into stillness, silence and presence.

Through deep long breathing, we explore the divine wisdom of nature that lies within our body-mind. Cultivating internal stillness in movement & breath awareness we liberate one’s body-mind from deep-rooted imprints: the body becomes supple and we become more receptive, more aware.

In this ten days, we will focus on the Yin-Lunar aspect of this practice which stimulates and heals the connective tissues. It works the deeper levels of the body-mind the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and balances the energetic channels, meridians, nerves and blood circulation system.

Yin Yoga is a healing Practice characterized by the long-held, passive nature of the posture which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, into the meditative aspects of yoga. A bridge to living life consciously.

Through this Yin Yoga practice, we become more receptive, finding our body’s natural movement, expression. We explore internal movement in stillness and stillness within the meditative movement.

Exclusive Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Japan


We will live in a beautiful traditional Japaneses house, Hila & Dai’s house, and be happy to welcome you here so that you also can enjoy this special experience.

This House is an authentic 90 years old Japanese House. the house still have its original parts from 90 years back like: the mud walls, paper doors and tatami floor.

The house is located just next to the river and is surrounded with green mountains.

Touching Stillness

The practices will be led and shared, not narrated. Every morning we will start at 7:00 am with pranayama and meditation with Tibetan bowls followed by a Yin Yoga led practice. Instruction will be given on the first day and then we will practice in silence listening to the sounds of nature. This is a shared-solo journey for those aspiring to touch the stillness within.

Wherever you are at, the invitation is just to simply breathe and be present with your experience, to open into something else, into something new. Then this practice will allow you to step into the next aspect of your own exploration.

These practices are meant to help us to feel better about who we are, to release tension, to open ourselves up to a greater possibility. to understand, love who we are and to connect to the innate divine that already resides within ourselves.


   Namaste, Irana Ji An

Our Day

-Morning Pranayama


-Yin Yoga

– Breakfast is vegetarian – bread, spreads, eggs, coffee, tea, jam, fresh veg

-Silently living together and sharing stillness & laughter

– Activities outdoors

-Dinner is Japanese style

-Evening Pranayama & Meditation

-Max participants 4

Other Activities

– Hiking Trail up to “mountain Bikuishi”

– Tamatori walk – 2 hours walk starting from the house.

– Bamboo weaving workshops

-Tea ceremony

– Hot Spring – outdoor hot spring, 2 indoor hot springs,

– Kashibaya – Edo period “Kashibaya” house built 180 years ago and used to be a guest house for Samurai travellers

– Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Bodywork or Shiatsu treatments

– Street performance festival in Shizuoka city



-Bicycles – New folding 6-speed bicycles. We have 2 bicycles you can rent for 500 yen for one for the whole day.

-Music Speakers – you can listen to your music.

-House cleaning – While you are here we will clean the house for you when we can.

-Laundry – a washing machine is available for an extra fee (washing 200 yen)









Full payment is due for registration.

Cancellation Policy

 A  fee of 4% of the total amount is charged for cancellation up to 40 days before confirmed arrival date. Any cancellation or alteration of dates  made within 40 days before arrival results in a charge of 50% of the stay, cancellation 14 days prior to retreat date on the day of arrival, no show, or departure prior to the scheduled date results in a charge of the 100% of the total cost.

Getting here and away

The nears airports to us are Tokyo airports which are Narita airport or Haneda Airport.

(we are getting the trains information from the website HYPERDIA)

how to arrive from Narita airport to us:

1. from Narita airport to Tokyo station:
takes 1 hour, cost 3000 yen.

2. from Tokyo station to Shizuoka station:
take the Tokaido Shinkansen line.
this line has 2 train options:
a. one stops at all stops – named KODAMA- takes 90 min cost 6500 yen.
b. second has fewer stops – named HIKARI – takes 50 min cost 6500 yen.

3. from Shizuoka station to Yaizu station:
take the local Tokaido line.
15 min. 240 yen.

4. From Yaizu station we are happy to come to pick you up.
we can come from 16:00 to 20:00 to the station`s north exit.
pick up fee for 4 or 5 people is 4000 yen. 30 minutes drive.
on the way from the station to the house, we are happy to make a stop at the supermarket for you to buy groceries.

we also happy to drop you off when you check out – the fee will be 4000 yen.

By car:

Japans driving licence for tourists has special terms – please make sure you have the right driving license – before – coming to Japan.

From Shizuoka station, you can hire a car. please look for more info at this website – NISSAN RENT A CAR – .
Payment for a basic car is about 6000 yen for 24 hours. at the website, you can find reservation form that you need to submit 4 days prior to arrival.
the rental office is 2 min on foot from the Shinkansen (South) Exit of JR Shizuoka Station.


A refreshing stop between Tokyo and Kyoto, Simple farmers traditional house in a farmers village. Lush Green Mountains, Bamboo forests, Rivers and Green Tea Fields.

Please come to relax and enjoy different Activities:

More information

Hiking with views of Mt. Fuji, a walk crossing Bamboo grove and tea fields, Green Tea ceremony, Bamboo weaving workshop, Shiatsu or Acupuncture treatment, 2 Bicycles, River Dipping, Hot spring…

We Have one more house for rent –

The space

 Located in Shizuoka, between Tokyo and Kyoto on the Shinkansen line (exp. train), so the access here is easy and comfortable.

Please look at Yui Valley com, G. maps.

The traditional house that has been renovated is 94 years old.
The house is 85 square meters, is a wooden structure, elevated slightly off the ground.

Sliding paper doors are used in place of walls. The floor is the Tatami floor.

2 Big living rooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen,
toilet, shower/ bathroom and an outside deck.
We also have a small garden.

River – under the house there is a small river – fresh water which sounds lovely, very refreshing to dip in during the hot summer.

Guest access

While staying here the house is all yours.

Kitchen- our kitchen has many cooking tools and dishes.
we hope you will enjoy cooking in it. If something is missing, please tell us.

The kitchen has – fridge, stove, rice cooker, microwave, simple oven and coffee maker.

Water – the drinking water is natural underground water.

We offer – Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Coffee, sugar, salt, black pepper.

Shower room – we have a shower and hot- bath. In Japaneses culture it is common to relax in a hot- bath every evening. Here you can do so with natural spring water. We offer: shampoo, conditioner, body soap and towels.

Heating – since our house is a traditional house, there is no insulation in the walls, so the nights can be cold until the middle of May. We provide 4 heaters.

Cooling – we have 5 fans, and river under the house 🙂

Trip Options

Trips Option:

1. Great view of mountain Fuji – beautiful hiking Trail up to “mountain Bikuishi”. you will walk along water stream, huge stone rocks, across the bamboo forest and cider forest. At the top of the hiking trail, you can see Fuji mountain. (Important! – the weather conditions may block the view). Along the walk, there are beautiful places for a picnic. At the top, there are toilets, and picnic tables. Most guests say that the difficulty level from 1 to 10 is 7, and coming down is more hard as the path can be slippery sometimes.
we can also drive you to the viewpoint and back for  yen (25 min drive).

Transportation: house to the bus station – 10 min. & 10 min by bus.
The walk up from the bus stop to the entrance of the hiking trail will take 30 minutes. the Hike will take about 90 minutes. The way Back is down the same path you came with and takes 60 minutes until the exit gate. Our Taxi – we are happy to drive you to hike entrance and to pick you up back to the house. one way fee is for 800 yen.

2. Tamatori walk – 2 hours walk starting from the house. this walk offers many viewpoints of the surrounding mountains, you will walk by tea plantations and through our Bamboo forest. all the way is on a concrete road.
we can also drive you on this road for  yen.

3. “Dailabo” viewpoint of mountain Fuji – 15 min drive from the house with our taxi. this park offers a lovely view of Fuji (Important! – the weather conditions may block the view). can also be done on your arrival day after we pick you up from the station. taxi fee is  yen.

4. Beautiful traditional Japanese garden and Hot spring: The garden has fish pounds, Green tea ice cream and local shop which seal local Green tea, snacks and crafts. In the garden there is a Tea House in the middle of a water pound – here you can enjoy the traditional Green Tea Ceremony (booking is required) or drink traditional Green tea with traditional sweet. Nearby there is Soba restaurant ( Soba is Japanese traditional Noodle soup).

Hot Spring – outdoor hot spring, 2 indoor hot springs, sauna room, relaxation room and a good restaurant (closed on Monday)* Both locations have websites.
* Fee: garden no entry fee, Tea ceremony – 510 yen, Hot spring- 510 yen. Transportation:house to the bus station – 10 min. walk
bus station to garden – 15 minutes bus ride garden to hot spring – 75 minutes and you need to change bus 3 times.
The way back home is the same, departure time from the hot spring bus station is 17:15 and you will reach home at 19:00.

5. Beautiful traditional garden and Picnic at the river: Traditional Japanese garden (please see information at trip no. 4).
Form the garden by bus it only takes 10 minutes to reach the river. Its nice spot, on weekend families like to hang out here. There are toilets and good shade. Shade – if you sit under the trees there is good shade and also we offer two chairs with shade umbrellas.Transportation House to the bus station – 10 min. walk. Bus station to garden – 15 minutes ride.Garden to the river by bus – 10  minutes ride.

6. Drive through a beautiful mountain road, stop at the viewpoint of Fuji Mountain and hot spring –
we will drive you with our car, make a stop at the viewpoint, drop you at the hot spring and will come to pick you up (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) yen (we can take in our car only 3 people).

7. Kashibaya – Edo period “Kashibaya” – a large traditional house built 180 years ago and used to be a guest house for Samurai travellers on the busy road from Tokyo to Kyoto. also, very good restaurant for lunch is there, they serve traditional Japanese food.

7. Acupuncture, Moxibustion or Shiatsu treatments are given by Mr Shirai – a recommended local practitioner.
Mr Shirai`s schedule is very busy, please book in advance and we will let you know if there is availability.
treatments will be given at the house, reservations are from 2 people.
2 session options:
70 min session for 7,000 yen plus (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) yen driving fee.
100 min session for 10,000 yen plus  yen driving fee.

8. Fish market – Nice market atmosphere on weekends, small fresh Sushi restaurants, good seaweed that you can take back home.
Please note that this market sells mainly dry goods and less livestock.
House to bus station – 10 min. walk
From here you will take 2 buses, the drive takes 40 min. and then 20 min. walk.

9. Traditional hand-craft arts centre- this centre offers 9 kinds of different workshops: hand-dyeing (not natural colour), Bamboo and pottery. Its nice place for the first experience but it’s not Deep.
The centre opens every day, you can drop-in, each workshop takes about (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) minutes. There is a good Japanese restaurant, Tearoom and Gallery.

house to the bus station – 10 min. walk
from here you need to take two buses, the drive will be 50 minutes, and you are there.

10. Fuji mountain – from Shizuoka sta. take the exp. train to shin Fuji sta. (12 min  from shin Fuji sta. take the bus to Fuji mountain entrance (135 min. return ticket: adult  y. kids.
buses back from Fuji mountain entrance to shin Fuji sta. start from 9:30 in the morning ( 95 min.)

Enjoy Japan,
Thank you
Dai and Hila

Arrival Date

Arrival date  18 October-Departure date  25 October

For more info contact us

Please contact me to reserve your place.
Let  me know if  you have any questions about the retreat  or any other details email or call on Whats App +30 6937 375 694

Exclusive Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Japan

Exclusive Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Japan


 Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Japan

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