300-Hr YTTC INTEGRAL HATHA, VINYASA & YIN YOGA Transformational Teacher Training training hatha vinyasa-Irana JiAn Fouroulis Paros-Greece-

 1-29 May, I-29 June, 1-29 September 2022

In Paros Island, Greece

 Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer
Irana Ji An Fourouli

Experience inner and outer alignment and energetic flow from within.  Evolve into your full potential. Learn how. what to practice and the purpose and principles of these teachings training with an Integral Experiential approach that connects breath and bio-energetic alignment. Practice with Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer Irana Ji An. Center, through creative Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga. Nurture yourself with the magnificent nature of this Island in Greece. Inspire. Whether you Train with us to become a teacher or for your well being and lifestyle, learn to organize your mind, emotions, body and vitality so they Align creating lasting Balance and experience your essential nature. Transform fundamental Lifestyle habits that bring your elemental system out of balance

Our 300-Hr YTTC has a transformational approach to yoga.  You will experience and embody a method of self-purification and personal development process while delving into the ancient yogic chakra system from all aspects, exploring the relation of these energetic centres to all aspects of our life process, sequencing therapeutics, transformational hatha yoga & Vinyasa yoga. We study the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and knowledge underlying these topics-Asana, alignment, Pranayama, Joint health, Meditation, Mantra, Yoga Nidra, Anatomy, Physiology, sequencing, Vinyasa Krama, Pregnancy Basics, Therapeutics for lower back, shoulders and hips, communication & teaching skills, Ayurvedic clock, Yoga for the 3 stages of life, yoga for women, Sacred space and more.

We delve deeper into therapeutics sequencing applied to trauma, stress, depression, Chakra Vinyasa advances sequencing, Advanced Yoga Nidra & Meditation training, Adjustments and Personal Teaching and coaching. In this course, you will get a solid foundation in the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy & Bio-energetic alignment applied to Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa practice and learn how to move with the breath in Vinyasa Flow and Balance with Yin Yoga. You will understand the principles, science, and purpose of these practices and develop a personal home practice that will keep you strong and centered. The highlight of this training is that you will learn with a Certified Senior Yoga Trainer & professional over 500-Hr certified teachers under yogic life practices to integrate in your day to day life, that will strengthen your immune system and physical body, develop greater perception, focus, and awareness, balance and move towards a state of greater ease and wellbeing which will reflect in all aspects of your life.

This course is for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of  Yoga, the Chakra System and seeking a self-transformational and self-development training course. Whether you train with us to become a teacher or for your own wellbeing as a lifestyle, you will gain the confidence, professionalism, and embodiment of yoga science to approach yourself and others safely, with compassion and an individualistic perspective.  Assess & live the body-mind lasting balance of yoga. Live yoga as Conscious Evolution.

This is an advanced Further Training Module for 200/500 Certified Teachers as a complete & comprehensive Yoga Therapy Foundation Professional Advanced YTTC & and the best 300-Hr Foundation YTTC towards a 500-Hr future certification. Certified by Yoga Alliance International.

300 Advanced Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Living Vinyasa Krama – Embody the Flow.

This teacher training course is for those wanting to deepen their understanding and knowledge of Yoga, continue their advanced education as Yoga Teachers or develop an integrated personal practice. We offer a comprehensive teacher training program on achieving personal well-being through yoga and Ayurveda. This program will offer you a solid Integral foundation in traditional yoga from Patanjali to Krishnamacharya, combined with science and modern developments. You will develop greater awareness.

In this training, our focus will be on Integral Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. We balance our practice with Yin Yoga release, explore our natural breath in movement, awaken the senses and interact with Nature, as part of our weekly schedule. Daily meditation, Mantra, Mudras, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra are integrated within the practice. Morning Theory daily, Iyengar & Anusara approach to alignment classes. Sundays are free

The Yoga Teachers Training Course is divided into 3 modules:

Module 1: Integral Transformational Yoga Chakra Embodiment Purification and Foundation of the Yoga Therapy further training.We delve through Transformational Yoga – an integrated approach to physical health, emotional and mental balance, – into an experience of embodiment Purification through the Chakra system: the foundation of yoga. This is a personal transforming experience integrating all aspects of your being. We discuss basic philosophy and theory of Hatha Yoga. Integrating Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Practices. Integral Meditation-Mantra-Mudra-Yoga Nidra. Alignment-Adjustments-Therapeutics

Module 2: The teaching skills, Anatomy of movement in Yoga, Yoga Therapy. Communication skills. During this period we will also focus on alignment, and how to develop discipline and focus on creating space to teach, sequencing, injury prevention, hands-on assessment and the ability to instruct with wisdom, respect and compassion. Anatomical Adjustment in Hatha Yoga integrating Vinyasa Krama & Yin Yoga Release Practices. Integral & Dynamic Meditation-Mantra-Mudra-Yoga Nidra. Alignment–Therapeutics level 2

Module 3: Chakra Vinyasa: Vinyasa Krama Advanced-Advanced asana-Karma Yoga-Hatha Yoga- Advanced Vinyasa -Solar-Lunar- & Yin Yoga Release advanced Practices. Integral & Dynamic Meditation-Mantra L2-MudraL2-Pranayama L2-Yoga Nidra-Assisting-Adjustments in Vinyasa Practice-Stillness & Fluidity in movement.

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Program Contents

Yoga theory

Philosophy and psychology of yoga based on the Yogasutras of Patanjali.
Theory of asana practice.


Function-oriented approach to movement in asanas: awareness, stability, alignment, stretching, mobilization, daily life application.
Traditional vinyasa system of Krishnamacharya, combining breathing and movement.

  • Advanced asana approach.
  • Nuances of using asanas in the larger yoga path.
  • Core asanas essential for fitness and in a therapeutic setting.
  • Preparation and balancing.
  • Common and useful variations.

Principles of sequencing from the traditional approach of Krishnamacharya and further developments from there.
Foundations of personal course planning and sequencing for different needs.
Vinyasa Krama.


Principles and practice of working with your breath effectively.
Using asanas to prepare for pranayama.
Important types of pranayama with hands-on practice.
Advanced pranayama approach.


Using sound in asanas.
Using sound in meditation.


Theory of meditation and mindfulness: why, what, and how.
Practicing a core set of useful meditation techniques and skillful mindfulness.

Anatomy & Physiology

Essential anatomy and physiology as applied to asanas.
Practical and functional points only, without forgettable and non-relevant theory.

Chanting & Mantras

Importance and theory of chanting.
Useful mantras for chanting and meditation.
Simple chants e.g. traditional Vedic peace chants.


Introduction to Ayurvedic doshas and prakrti.
Basic principles of Ayurvedic diet.

Yoga energetics

Mudras and bandhas: their importance and how to practice them.
System of Nadis, Prana, Chakras and their relevance to practice.

Personal practice

Establishing and refining one’s personal practice is a key element of this program.

Course Outcome

On successful completion of this course, participants will have:

  • an understanding and appreciation of the principles of the science and art of yoga and an introduction to Ayurvedic principles.
  • developed a comprehensive knowledge of the theory of asanas, pranayama and meditation.
  • gained skill and confidence in the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation.
  • understood the principles necessary to teach yoga in a safe and effective manner.
  • Learn the art of sequencing and understand Vinyasa Krama.
  • acquired the tools to enact positive changes in their own lives and start on the part of providing the same guidance to others.
  • the opportunity to be a part of a community of people who are similarly committed to a path of personal growth and transformation.
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Also Included

  • Certification
  • Transformational Yoga training manual
  • Self Purification
  • Chakra reading & healing
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga alignment
  • Dance Sessions
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • One-to-one guidance with your lead tutor
  • Nature Walks
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Yoga in Nature
  • Nature explorations
Optional extras:
  • Hiking
  • Chakra healing
  • Reiki and massage
  • Massage
  • Nature walks
  • Horse Riding
  • Boat Tours
  • Mountain Biking Tours

All course teaching, practical sessions, materials, certification, food and accommodation are included. The practical and theory sessions take place at the beautiful Paros Yoga Shala

Scorpio Studios is in the traditional settlement of Naoussa, in the location Analipsi, within a stone’s throw from the area’s numerous dining and nightlife options, but also ideally situated to offer ultimate relaxation. It is merely 5 minutes from the center of beautiful Naoussa, near the secluded beach of Agioi Anargyroi, Santa Maria and Kolimbithres.

Sunrise Accommodation features rooms and apartments that compounds comfort and relaxation. Traditional architecture combined with Cycladic elements, blending in the natural environment, while the upscale services, qualified personnel and exceptional amenities provide a comfortable and pleasant stay.


A deposit of half of the total amount is due for registration. Please complete the application form and submit it. If you have any other questions, please contact us to complete your registration and deposit.

Paying Options

– Full payment is due for registration 40 days prior to the arrival date.
– Payment plan available: 50% deposit and completion of payment 40 days prior to arrival date.

-Vat is included in the cost of the training

-300-Hr Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Certification is included.

-Registration with Yoga Alliance International is optional, due upon arrival Cost 250 Euro.

Maximum participants 18
Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or alteration of dates made within 40 days before the training course date results in a charge of 50% of the total cost of the course stay. Cancellation 14 days prior to the training course date, on the day of arrival, no show, or departure prior or during  the training course scheduled dates results in a charge of the 100% of the total cost of the course.

Getting here and away

You can fly from Athens to Paros directly with Aegean Airlines.

Fly, You should arrive in Athens on the 4th before noon so you can take the bus to the Piraeus port and catch the 17:30 ferry to Paros with
– A bus shuttles from Athens airport arrivals to Piraeus port for 10Euro every 20 minutes.
– Boats depart daily from Piraeus at 07.25 and arrive in Paros at 11.40 & 17:30 arriving in Paros at 21:45.
– Let us know the details of your arrival time in advance so we can arrange your transfer to the hotel.
– Boats depart daily from Paros at 19.15 and arrive Piraeus at 23.15

If you would like to extend your stay in Paros for a few days, we can help to arrange this

Flight and boat transfers not included

Transfers from the port of arrival to the hotel are not included but can be arranged with a taxi. Cost is 35 Euro per transfer.


Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard.  Registration with Yoga Alliance International is due through our Yoga Shala YTTC Registered School upon course completion. Registration Fee (200Eu) is due upon arrival.

This course is taught by Irana Ji An Fourouli who is a Yoga Alliance Professionals & Yoga Alliance International Certified Senior Yoga Teacher and teaches at least 70% of the course & 30% by other qualified & certified teachers under her supervision

Arrival Date

Arrival date is Sunday. Yoga course starting Monday. Departure date Sunday.

Sundays are free days and meals are not provided on free days.

Comprehensive program on achieving personal well-being through yoga and Ayurveda, as well as teacher training registered  with Yoga Alliance International. This program will offer you a foundation in traditional yoga from Patanjali to Krishnamacharya, combined with science and modern developments.

This Program Is Intended for :

Yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their personal growth and learn skills they can use for the rest of their life, and in daily life;
Yoga teachers from all schools seeking a greater understanding of the full spectrum of yoga practices: asana, pranayama, meditation, Yogasutra, mantras
Yoga practitioners interested in building a firm foundation to teach yoga to people of all ages and fitness levels;
Those interested in a comprehensive base for the  Yoga Therapy program.

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Please contact us to reserve your place.
Or if you have any questions about the course or would like to discuss a payment plan or any other details email or call on +30 6937 375 694 training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-

300-Hr Transformational Yoga Teacher Training – Anapnoe Yoga – by Paros Yoga Shala



Transformational Teacher Training – Senior Yoga Trainer Irana Ji An


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