Conscious Woman Yoga Training™is a subtle experiential process of transformation that awakens new levels of consciousness within revealing your essence. This training is for women who are always aspiring to grow wiser and inspire, who see Life as a dynamic state of ever-expanding awareness.

 Conscious Woman Yoga Training™ Retreat, Lanzarote

16-day training course 1-16 May 2020 [100-Hr Module YTTC]

8-day retreat 1-8 May & 9-16 May 2020

with Senior teacher Irana JiAn Fouroulis

Being self-luminous
You cause everything to shine;
Delighting in your form
You fill the universe with delight;
Rocking with your own bliss
You make the whole world dance with joy.
– Utpaladeva, Hymn 13-16 Shivastotravali

A 16-day Women Yoga Training & 8-day Woman Yoga Retreat, to inspire you developing physical strength & Flexibility, vitality, inner harmony, mental clarity, emotional balance & overall renewal. Sessions are developed addressing each individual’s needs and body-type. Yoga practices are for health and balance, created to nurture you at any stage of life you are in. Pranayama, Mantra, Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Healing Dance, Sacred Space, Dynamic meditations, Nature explorations & Practices, Full moon Ceremony, Nurturing and Feminine self-care practices, Nutrition, Ayurveda lifestyle practices for beauty & balance, Fire circles and Joyful gatherings are part of this journey for women. This Conscious Woman Yoga Training is a very subtle process of self-transformation. It is an experiential process: something you experience and make it part of yourself.

What conscious women seek is a limitless inspiration. We want to become and create our life the way we want it to be. To experience life blissfully within ourselves. In this Yoga Retreat-Training, we are going to transform our inner experience of life at the magical volcanic island of Lanzarote, at Villa Marlene by the sea, integrated with natural pools. Learn the lifestyle tools and yoga practices that are necessary to live in balance, to unveil your essence. Experience inner and outer alignment and energetic flow from within. Learn how and what to practice and the purpose and principles that support the process of balancing. May this process inspire you and your evolutionary life journey!
Conscious Woman Yoga Training™

Create the life you want to live, the lasting balance, peace, and joy. Expand your awareness so that you are more than what you are right now, moving on from where you are at this moment. Experience life blissfully from within yourself. All our human experience is happening from within, and according to how we are experiencing life within, in our physicality and mind, so we perceive life around us. We see life as we are. To live happily, to be in your essence you need to bring the necessary balance within yourself so that you become available to the magic of life. Overall balance is necessary to experience life and not suffering.

Why purify and balance?

This Yoga Training is about enhancing your perception, learning how to tune yourself, your being: understanding the structure of your existence and arriving at the perfect tuning of your mind, emotions, body, and vitality so you can feel blissful no matter what happens around you. So that you become a conscious process. Yoga is a method to transform yourself, to become divine: There are so many aspects of life you can perceive if you organize and align your mind, emotion, body, and energy: then you have the power to create and manifest lasting balance, joy, and the life you want. Then you will perceive the world around you as a reflection of your divinity.

Conscious Woman Yoga Training Lanzarote 2020

Our physical existence is composed of five elements: earth water, fire, air, space.  We are continually changing and these subtle elemental energies are moving either towards balance or away from it. Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient scientific experiential processes that when methodically practiced bring us to a state of harmony and contentment. Once ourselves feel balanced the world around us feels balanced. Learn how to fundamentally purify the elements through powerful yoga practices,  balancing the subtle energies within. Organize your mind, emotions, body and vitality so they align together creating lasting balance , and reconnecting with your essential nature. Understand how to transform fundamental Lifestyle habits that bring your elemental system out of balance.

Yoga Practice

AnapnoeYoga® is a slow, gentle yet deeply grounding & strengthening Flow Yoga practice that encourages flexibility, equanimity and inner strength and connection to our core & truth. Through deep long breathing, we explore the divine wisdom of nature that lies within. The movement & breath awareness liberates one’s body-mind deep-rooted imprints and transforms.Through this Yoga practice, we become more receptive, express our body’s natural rhythm. Movement unfolds from our core out in all directions. It is an integral practice that cultivates presence as embodiment.

Yoga classes are in the English language. Daily morning 3 hr Yoga Practice & Evening 90 minutes practice. Mats and props are available at our Namaste Yoga Shala. Yoga practices will be indoors with panoramic views and sometimes outdoors by the sea. There are few free hours afternoon to chill-out and daily group creative activities. Intermediate & Advanced level of Yoga experience (minimum of 2 years of regular practice)is due to follow the pace of the practices. This Empowering retreat is a progressing transformational experience. A home preparation Sadhana  to set the ground for your inner journey, starting on the April new moon (a week prior to the training date), will be sent to you.

Conscious Woman Yoga Training Lanzarote 2020

I designed these practices to meet you where you’re at. For some of you, your interest might be getting stronger and more flexible and in that case there is value in these practices for you.

If your interest is to understand a little bit more about the mind-body connection and the impact that our thoughts have on our health and wellness, then there’s aspect of this practice that will meet that particular need.

If your interest is to move into a deeper level of emotional healing and to even open yourself to a more committed and connected relationship with your Self then there’s also aspects of this practice that will speak to you.

Wherever you are at, the invitation is to be present with your experience, to open into something else, into something new. Then this practice will allow you to step into the next aspect of your own exploration.

These practices are meant to help you to feel better about who you are, to release tension, to open yourself up to greater possibilities. to understand, love who you are and to connect to the innate divine that already resides within you.

My intention is that you transform any physical, mental and emotional obstacles, nurture your being and get tools you can always use to live in harmony.


Irana Meditation Retreat Lanzarote

Conscious Woman Retreat includes :

  • 7/15 nights shared  accommodation
  • Daily Light breakfast & Brunch, Dinner Organic Vegan & Lacto Ovo Vegetarian at casa Marlene
  • 7/14 Days Yoga Course
  • Mornings & Evening Yoga Practices
  • One five rhythms dance session
  • One Holistic Massage Treatment
  • Outdoor practices and Nature Walks will be scheduled on the go.
  • Cars can be hired and shared by two upon request (not included fee)
  • Group size 8-12 (In Casa Marlene 8)
  • 6 spots for 16-Day training course 1-16 May
  • 4 spots for 8-day retreat 1-8 May & 9-16 May
Sample Daily schedule
Tea Ceremony

7:30 – 11:30 Pranayama-Yoga- Meditation

Brunch Vegan & Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

Free time – rest, walk, beach- Group Explorations

17:30  Yoga Class Meditation or Yoga Nidra

Dinner Vegan & Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

20:00 Women Circle

Conscious Woman Yoga Training Lanzarote 2020


During this Yin Yoga Flow & Meditation retreat, in Lanzarote you will be staying at Villa Marlene. The villa is an inspiring and tranquil haven by the sea. There’s no nicer place to stay on Lanzarote! The Vista Sol and Vista Luna holiday residences offer everything you could ever wish for. Sun worshippers can relax on the sun terrace and let their gaze wander over the sea. In the evenings, the spacious living room is the perfect setting for chilling. And best of all: a huge panoramic windows brings the fabulous nature and sea views into the house itself!

Central location – a perfect base for exploring this magical island. The secluded country setting and Casa Marlene excellent facilities make it a wonderful place for peaceful holidays. Casa Marlene is located directly beside the sea, nestled amidst the protected lava fields typical of northern Lanzarote. Enjoy the sun terraces and sunny spots dotted around the property, as well as the large rooftop terrace. Casa Marlene Casa Marlene features two spacious, modernly-equipped holiday residences:

  1. Vista Luna (up to 4 persons)
  2. Vista Sol (up to 4 persons)
Only shared rooms are available in casa Marlene. If you would like to join in a Single room we suggest that you take the non-residential with food option and we can help you find a nice place close by for your stay.

A deposit of 50 % is due for registration and completion of payment 40 days prior to arrival date. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

EARLY BIRD OFFER expires Febroury 31 Coupon code reveal

Paying Options

If you are local you can choose to book the non-residential option.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or alteration of dates made within 40 days before the retreat scheduled date results in a charge of 50% of the stay. Cancellation 14 days prior to the date of confirmed arrival, on the day of arrival, no show, or departure prior to the scheduled retreat course date results in a charge of the 100% of the total retreat cost.

Getting here and away

Transfers from and to the airport are not included. On request by e-mail. we can organize transfer from the airport and cost is 25 euro. Contact us with your travel info to arrange your transfer.
CAR HIRE INFORMATION ( You can share a car with other trainees)
They offer Free Airport pick up and drop off, free second driver.

Polo WW type car for 90Euro per week can be hired and shared by two.


All course teaching, practical sessions, food and accommodation are included.

Transfers from and to the venue are not included.


We are so lucky to have Victoria Frau cooking for us. She is a specialist in veganism and healthy eating lifestyle who studied nutrition and loves cooking teaching healthy and organicly. She is what she gives and her loving  energy gives the food a positive vibration.

Diet will be vegan  & Ovo-Lacto vegetarian.

Arrival Date

Arrival date Friday, 1 May ( we dinne together), Departure date Saturday, May 16 ( we share Brunch). Course starts Saturday 2 May morning and ends Friday 15 evening.

Massage and alternative therapies

Holistic Massage
Chakra Reading with Irana JiAn
Healing Dance with Irana JiAn

Tourist Attractions

Many of Lanzarote’s attractions are of volcanic origin. The fire mountains in the National Park of Timanfaya, the lava caves Cuevas de los Verdes, the green waters of the crater of El Golfo – in all these places the visitor experiences both the destructive power and the creative force of the past volcanic eruptions.
The most significant man-made attractions are those of Lanzarote born César Manrique, who as artist and architect is famous for integrating the works of man and nature – Jameos del Agua the extraordinary cave garden created in the solidified remains of a lava river and Mirador del Rio, a look out point on a steep cliff with panoramic views of La Graciosa Island, to name just just a few of his works which are all special and well worth seeing.

For more info contact us

If you have any questions about the course or would like to discuss a payment plan or any other details email or call on +30 6937 375 694 Irana Ji An Fouroulis Grand Master
anapnoeyoga yapo-teacher-senior
Yin Yoga Flow & Meditation Retreat Yoga & Meditation Retreat Lanzarote

16-day 100-Hr Conscious Woman Yoga Training™Retreat, Lanzarote


16-day Conscious Woman Yoga Training™ Experiential Retreat, Lanzarote

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