100YTTC Transformational Retreat in India – Yin Vinyasa Yoga Meditation, Tiruvannamalai training hatha vinyasa-Irana JiAn Fouroulis Paros-Greece-


Yin  Vinyasa Yoga & Breathwork & Mindfulness & Meditation

in Tamil Nadu, Tiruvannamalai

 4-18 FEBRUARY 2019

with Senior Yoga Teacher
Irana JiAn Fouroulis

In this transformational Retreat- training, you will experience inner and outer alignment and energetic flow from within. Evolve into full awareness. Investigate the links between Meditation & Lifestyle, Physical Health & Breath,  Stillness & Movement.  Develop strength and ease, focus and clarity of mind. Learn how & what to practice and the purpose and principles that support that process. Gain flexibility and ease through Yin Yoga Flow and body-mind balance through meditation.  Learn how to practice meditation and discover the inner joy of being.

Live yoga as conscious evolution. Shine!
Certified by Yoga Alliance International.

Transformational Yin Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation Retreat

From New moon to Full moon, this is a transformative experience in one of the most Mystic locations in India: Arunachala

This Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat is a unique opportunity to invite in a more empowered and aware relationship with your Self, to transform any obstacles & to discover a deeper appreciation for life & the world around you: to awaken.

This course is for those wanting to deepen their understanding and knowledge of Yoga, Daily meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Mudra and Yoga Nidra are integrated within the practice. Theory daily, and Alignment classes. Monday 11 is a free day. During these 14 days, we delve through Transformational Yin Vinyasa Yoga – an integrated approach to physical health, emotional and mental balance, – into an experience of Yoga embodiment through the Chakra system.

AnapnoeYoga® is a slow, gentle, grounding yet deeply strengthening  Yoga practice that encourages the fluidity of the spine and the unfolding of the body-mind into stillness, silence and presence. Through deep long breathing, we explore the divine wisdom of nature that lies within our body-mind. Cultivating internal stillness in movement & breath awareness we liberate one’s body-mind from deep-rooted imprints: the body becomes supple and we become more receptive, more aware.

Yin Vinyasa Yoga is a healing Practice characterized by the long-held, passive nature of the posture which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, into the meditative aspects of yoga. A bridge to living life consciously. Through this Yin Vinyasa Yoga practice, we become more receptive, finding our body’s natural movement, expression. We explore internal movement in stillness and stillness within the meditative movement.


Arunachala,  Sacred India

Arunachala, where people from all walks of life come to for healing or for spiritual reasons, literally means ‘the sacred fire’ and this fire can purify you and free you from past negative karma. Be it from this or past lives. They say, every time you walk around the mountain, you get cleansed. And you feel the bliss and the divinity within.

According to the legend, associated with the Temple, a dispute occurred between Brahma the creator, and Vishnu the preserver, over which of them was superior. In order to settle the argument, Lord Shiva is said to have manifested as a column of light, and then the form of Arunachala.

Over the centuries, many saints and sages have been drawn to Arunachala. Located on the south-east slope of Arunachala, this was the cave that Sri Ramana Maharshi lived in from 1899 to 1916. Ramana Maharshi said Arunachala is a place that bestows jnana (Self-knowledge) to those few who seek it.

We are blessed to be offering this class in Tiruvannamalai, Tamal Nadu, South India, an ancient place of pilgrimage and divine revelation…

The Legend of Arunachala Shiva: Holy Hill of Tiruvannamalai

In one of the root legends of ancient India…The Gods Vishnu and Brahma were rocking the universe, quarrelling as to who was the superior Deity. To restore equilibrium, Shiva appeared as a flaming lingam and challenged them to find his source. Brahma took the form of a swan, and flew to the sky, ascending toward the heavens to find the top of the flame, while Vishnu became the boar Varaha, and sought its base in the depths of the earth. Neither Brahma nor Vishnu could find the source and be humbled by the infinity of this flame… they bowed to Shiva. training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-

Shiva (Siva in Sanskrit) is an aspect of the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Shiva rules tamas guna, the aspect of Mystery manifesting as the experience of matter. The Sanskrit word Shiva means auspicious and refers to the scintillating divine qualities of our life on earth. The brilliance of the light of seeing, tasting, touching… of consciousness experiencing embodiment. The agony and ecstasy of each moment, as our amazing lives unfold.

Shiva is the light of life…the brilliance of consciousness…that illuminates each instant of our experience. At times we are Shiva taking the form of Vishnu as the boar Varaha infused with His strength, spelunking the deep dark caves of the infinite possibility of pain and suffering that our human experience offers.

Often we become the Swan of creative possibility, of Brahma and his Shakti Saraswati soaring to the sublime ecstatic heights of embodied experience. We are the cutting edge of the unfolding of infinite possibility expressed in the unique dimension of Earthly experience.

ॐ ॐ ॐ

Transformational Retreat in India – Yin Vinyasa Yoga Meditation, Tiruvannamalai

Program Contents

About Arunachala

The circumambulation of Arunachala is known as Giri Pradakshina in Sanskrit and Giri Valam in Tamil. Performing pradakshina of Arunachala is considered to be beneficial in all ways. Typically, pradakshina is done in bare feet, with the Hill on the right. Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of the word pradakshina and how it should be done by a devotee: “The letter “Pra” stands for removal of all kinds of sins; “da” stands for fulfilling the desires; “kshi” stands for freedom from future births; “na” stands for giving deliverance through jnana. If by way of Pradakshina you walk one step it gives happiness in this world, two steps, it gives happiness in heaven, three steps, it gives bliss of Satyaloka which can be attained. One should go round either in mouna (silence) or dhyana (meditation) or japa (repetition of Lord’s name) or sankeertana (bhajan) and thereby think of God all the time. One should walk slowly like a woman who is in the ninth month of pregnancy.”

Throughout the year, pilgrims engage in a practise called giri valam(circumambulation of Annamalaiyar temple and Annamalai hill 14 km in circumference), considered to be a simple and effective form of yoga. The circumambulation is started from the temple with bare feet and is considered a sacred act. The central government of India asked the Tamil Nadu government through the supreme court to direct the path of girivalam under the provision of the proposed Tamil Nadu Heritage Conservation Act. There are 8 small shrines of lingams located in the 14 km circumference of the hill, each one associated with the 12 moon signs. These are collectively termed as Ashta Lingam(meaning 8 lingams) and is considered one of the rituals of worship during the girivalam(circumbulation of the hill)


Function-oriented approach to movement in asanas: awareness, stability, alignment, stretching, mobilization, daily life application.
Traditional vinyasa system of Krishnamacharya, combining breathing and movement.

  • Advanced asana approach.
  • Nuances of using asanas in the larger yoga path.
  • Core asanas essential for fitness and in a therapeutic setting.
  • Preparation and balancing.
  • Common and useful variations.

Principles of sequencing from the traditional approach of Krishnamacharya and further developments from there.
Foundations of personal course planning and sequencing for different needs.
Vinyasa Krama.


Principles and practice of working with your breath effectively.
Using asanas to prepare for pranayama.
Important types of pranayama with hands-on practice.
Advanced pranayama approach.


Using sound in asanas.
Using sound in meditation.


Theory of meditation and mindfulness: why, what, and how.
Practicing a core set of useful meditation techniques and skillful mindfulness.

Chanting & Mantras

Useful mantras for chanting and meditation.

Yoga energetics

Mudras and bandhas: their importance and how to practice them.
System of Nadis, Prana, Chakras and their relevance to practice.

Personal practice

Establishing and refining one’s personal practice is a key element of this program.


Arunadri Retreat Centre in the quiet, serene countryside of Tiruvannamalai and have a great view of Arunachala, without all the hustle, bustle and noise. We are delighted to listen to the sound of birds, morning and evening, and the wind rustling the palm leaves above.

We cook only vegetarian meals and use mostly organic ingredients, making both Indian and Western dishes. There is a kettle with a selection of herbal teas to choose from, as well as coffee and traditional chai provided.

We have 8 double rooms  – mattresses are high quality Western pillow-top mattresses, so you can sleep comfortably. All rooms have an attached bathroom, with a Western toilet and water heater. Quality towels, cotton sheets, bed covers and blankets are provided.

We have chosen to build using environmentally-friendly methods, such as rammed-earth, homemade, sun-baked bricks, lemongrass-thatch roofs, traditional country tiles, and mud plaster for wall colouring. This gives the space a very earthy, grounded feeling and look. We have a freshly made swimming pool too!

There is also a yoga/meditation hall, with yoga mats and large, comfortable cushions.

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Self Purification

Chakra reading & healing

Yin Yoga

Yagam (Fire Puja)

Delicious vegetarian meals

One-to-one guidance with your lead tutor

Yoga in Nature

Nature explorations to Arunachala

Visit Sacred Sites

Daily visit Ramana Maharshi Ashra


I chose to create this retreat  from New moon to full moon: a moon cycle is a great opportunuty for purification and we come here this year to purify and transform any obstacles – physical, mental, vital or emotional- so we can move forward with a ‘clean sheet ‘ in life.

Arunachala and its ‘sacred fire’ that purifies is a powerful place for such tranformation and this is the right time! The retreat will culminate on a full moon with  Pradakshina: a walk around the mountain, and you will feel the bliss and the divinity within.

These practices are meant to help us to feel better about who we are, to release tension, to open ourselves up to a greater possibility. to understand, love who we are and to connect to the innate divine that already resides within ourselves.

Namaste, Irana Ji An



A 50% deposit of the total amount is due for registration.  If you have any other questions, please contact us to complete your booking and deposit.

Paying Options

– A deposit of half of the total amount is due for registration and completion of payment 40 days prior to arrival date.

-100hs certification upon request (cost 150 Euro not included)

Cancellation Policy

 A  fee of 4% of the total amount is charged for cancellation up to 40 days before confirmed arrival date. Any cancellation or alteration of dates  made within 40 days before arrival results in a charge of 50% of the stay, cancellation 14 days prior to arrival date, on the day of arrival, no show, or departure prior to the scheduled date results in a charge of the 100% of the total cost.

Getting here and away

Senior Yoga Teacher Irana JiAn Fouroulis

When and How to get here

-Arrival date is February 4. Departure date February 18.

-How to get here: Fly to Chennai Airport. We can arrange a taxi transfer for you to Tiruvannamalai, approx 2 hs drive with a stop for Indian Chai!

– We are 6 km from Ramana Ashram, taking Chengam (Bangalore) Road out of town. 6 km down Chengam Rd, the driver will take a right, which leads through a small village. Go forward for about 1 to 1.5 km. Our property is on the left, with a bamboo gate…all buildings are earth colour and it will be noticeable (nothing else like it around).

-The driver can call Saravanan when you reach Tiruvannamalai to get clear instructions.

Yoga Sadhana Program

-Morning Pranayama


-Morning Yoga Practice

-Veggie Indian Breakfast


-Visit to Ramana Ashram

-Lunch Veggie

-Rest Free Time

– Afternoon Yoga Practice


-Satsang or Visit to Ashram



For more info contact us

Please contact me to reserve your place.
Or if you have any questions about the course any other details email or call on Whats App +30 6937 375 694. Thanks, Irana

Transformational Retreat in India – Yin Vinyasa Yoga Meditation, Tiruvannamalai

100YTTC Transformational Retreat in India – Yin Vinyasa Yoga Meditation, Tiruvannamalai


   Transformational  Retreat Training 100YTTC  – Yin Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation in Tiruvannamalai, India

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