‘And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight inside the bud

       was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ –Anais Nin


Irana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Energetic Alignment Life Coach

Greek Goddess Archetype Personality Quiz Full Report


You wouldn’t think that modern women have so much in common with those Goddesses from ancient times, but we carry and, are them! Archetypes are collectively-inherited unconscious ideas, patterns of thought, image & behaviour, that are universally present, in our individual psyche and deeply enduring in us as powerful memory carried through by life itself, transcending generations and time.

This quiz contains important insights into the different female archetypes of women we see in the world today. These archetypes  of female energy,  allow women to understand and affirm their strengths, and to cultivate their missing (or recessive) female energies to help support personal growth. Increasing consciousness of the various energies in you is useful for self-awareness.

This will allow you to see where you are best suited in life, affirm your positive qualities and understand your areas of challenge so you can transform any unbalance that may be blocking your evolution. What is holding you back from living in your essence? Balancing your main personality archetype in you is the first step, then integrating qualities of all the other archetypes by finding integral Balance is the key unlock your full potential!


Integral Yoga Embodiment Coach & Trainer CEO at Anapnoe Yoga® Awareness through the Body.

Connecting women with the expansive awareness, and all-powerful energy within the body, is at the core of all of Irana’s teachings. She shares her love for the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda, her education as a Holistic Nutritionist, Breath-work & full spectrum Women Wellness Specialist.

She pulls from her 25+ years experiential knowledge of “Integral Transformational Yoga”, to create an alchemy of science and spirit. Irana specialises in blending modern scientific accessible practices with the ancient sacred to provide a truly holistic and integrative perspective as embodiment for all who wish to deepen their relationship with the Self, feel radiant and live vibrantly.

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You may identify with one, two or more archetypes as part of you in certain characteristics. When a woman is in her own essence, in balance, all of these archetypes are in balance within her psyche as part of her, showing up according to life’s requirements in a healthy way. Each archetype both reveals a personality & a life stage in our evolution as women. Acknowledging where you are now is the first step, then balancing and integrating the healthy aspects of at least two other archetypes is the key to unlocking your full potential & living in your natural essence!

Irana JiAn


Here are the six main Archetypes to Integrate and Reveal your Radiant Essence

Anapnoe Yoga Personality Quiz Amazona

Artemis the Amazona personality is what we are seeing a lot of in the world today.

She has ruthless, justice-focused energy.


Your Strengths: when the qualities of your inner Artemis are appreciated and expressed.

You own the qualities of being Independent, introverted, strongly connected with nature, focused, non-traditional, protective, just, courageous & many times Competitive. You appreciate the complexities of each person’s path and outlook & choose environments that honour your inner needs.You create and value sisterly and brotherly friendships. You love learning new skills, know how to confront your flows and own your rage and pain. You are loyal to your loved ones and consider their feelings. Your archetype gives a woman the innate ability to concentrate intensely on whatever is important for you. The Artemis Woman is connected to the Earth Element.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When out of balance you may do as less as possible out of fear of getting heart, and you may feel unable to find self-expression which can frustrate and depress you. You can get fiercely reactive and competitive unconsciously, in your desire to create a better life. You may deny your own vulnerability and your need for intimacy with someone special to your heart.


Your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

Pay attention to the soft thoughts that remind you of your inner needs & ensure to take time and space to retreat to help temper your earthiness and become more creative. Know you have the right to meet your own needs by setting clear boundaries to yourself and others. A consistent gentle flow yoga practice & journal writing daily will reveal your inherent balance shortly and guide you to your inner realm.

Trust yourself that if you set your sights and focus, you will make your mark!

Anapnoe Yoga personality Quiz Results Earth Goddess

Demeter the Earth Goddess is kind, gentle & nurturing by nature.


Your Strengths, when the qualities of your inner Earth Goddess are appreciated and expressed:

You are generous and giving, helpful & supportive. You create safety around you. You may have solid friendships with other Earth women. You can be stubborn & have strong perseverance. Many times you may be almost incapable of saying ‘no’ to others, and therefore have the tendency to burnout through taking on too many tasks as you also have a strong sense of responsibility.

You are resourceful with what you have, can provide for others efficiently and you appreciate life’s simple pleasures feeling blessed and abundant. As an Earth Goddess, you may carry a deep longing for becoming pregnant to your own children. Then you may live solely for them and even experiencing life through them. You provide emotional insights and support for others, you are consistent and persistent in following your dreams, enjoy everyday life and you are not bound to youthful perfectionist ideals.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When out of balance you may ignore yourself & forget your own boundaries, then your psychological health may deteriorate. Your strongest shadow side can appear in the relationship with your children. With the intention of protecting them, you may become over-controlling. When not in balance you may also tend to see men as boys who need to be mothered.


Your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

To heal & Balance you are encouraged to learn how to take care and nurture yourself as if you were your own mother & to connect with and observe your body’s cycles and the cycles of nature. You may become involved in creating community. Seek replenishment and support from Mother Nature when you are tired and emotional.

Give your other archetypes expression so you do not lose your identity while looking after others. Where possible, simplify your life and review your priorities. Practice Meditation, Breath-work and Gentle Yoga Regularly, and preferably choose a class where you can use your voice and sounds.

You are a mother to the Earth!

Anapnoe Yoga Personality Quiz Report

Hera the Golden Heroine personality is extroverted & independent.


Your Strengths: when the qualities of your archetype are appreciated and expressed.

You have logical thinking & a sharp intellect. You are wise, industrious, strategic, practical & patient. You relate to men as intellectual companions with whom you share ideas. You may be curious, seek information and want to know how things work. You are highly capable, and skilled at planning and executing.

You are happy for others to succeed, and you appreciate the process of learning without expecting yourself to be perfect, nor others. You believe in your unique gifts investing time and money into nurturing their growth. You value your intuitive wisdom as much as your intellectual knowledge. You are flexible enough to change course if the actual one feels counterproductive. You are loving and care for others.You are strongly ruled by the fire element and the Manipuraka Chakra.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When out of balance you praise your intellect and can be ruled by your head rather than your heart & you may lack tolerance of dreamers and idealists, and not be very much in contact with your own feelings and body needs. You may feel as you are never good enough. You may lose the courage to pursue what you really would like to do.


Your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

To heal & Balance you are encouraged to tap into the part of you that doesn’t have to feel responsible for everything. Learn to be with your feelings as you listen to people’s stories and experience. Also, be mindful of your tendency not to forgive yourself, and do not feel like you have to be tough constantly. Realise your self worth is not dependent on what you do but rather in your inner being, which is priceless.

Try and get enough quality sleep, and time in nature, eat clean and move your body. A Nurturing slow Yoga Practice with breath-work and time to retreat and journal on your current feelings on a daily basis may teach you how to turn inward for balance and become softer and more compassionate with yourself and therefore with others. Meditation for you is miraculous!

You are beautiful from inside out!

Anapnoe Yoga Personality Quiz Results

Afrodite Goddess of love. For her, relationships are important.


Your Strengths: when your inner Afrodite is appreciated and expressed.

You have unlimited creative talents. At the same time, you are able to focus on what is personally meaningful to you and to become totally absorbed in it. You own the qualities of the water element. Your active imagination, sense of play and fantasy enhances mundane experiences, making them special and unforgettable! You seek to consummate relationships.

Afrodite, your magic consists is being fully present in what you do and who you are with. You give those around you the feeling of being special. You are extroverted, focused on relationships, compassionate, sensual & passionate, Having a lust for life, you are warm and attentive & have a tremendous force for change. You possess an empathic understanding and you are good at giving emotional counsel to help others.

You enjoy beautifying the environment, using beauty to heal and uplift. When speaking to people you give them your full attention, appreciating their uniqueness, which intern brings out the best in them. Your ability to dazzle others is endless as you know the elixir of life is love. You only surround yourself by people who are able to express love for you, even if that means distracting yourself from those you most want love from.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When out of balance you may easily fall in and out of love. You may act on sexual desire without considering the consequences or choose partners who aren’t emotionally available and so then you become tormented. You may either enjoy being the center of attention through the sense of power that comes with your sensuality or judge yourself harshly for those characteristics. You may also compare your looks to others.


Afrodite, your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

You may need to learn how to use your sensuality positively. To free yourself from destructive attachments by loving yourself so much that you put yourself first and by acknowledging you can only love others as much as you love yourself first. Practice meditation or yoga to connect to your inner Self and derive your natural glow from inside you. Be fully present to the gift of each moment.

You are beautiful from inside out!

Anapnoe Yoga Personality quiz Results Wise Woman

Athena Goddess of Wisdom. She, is mystical…


Your Strengths: when the qualities of your inner Archetype are appreciated and expressed.

You are fearless in the face of the unknown, you trust the cycles and rhythms of life knowing there is a divine plan behind apparent reality. You do not fear either traveling to the depths of your pain and shadow knowing that only by doing that you can re-surface to the light, and rise transformed and new. You are grounded & create ritual life practices to keep a healthy body-mind equilibrium. You take good care of your health and regularly look at what you need to let go in order to evolve, giving yourself equal time for reflection & doing.

You may be introverted, Intuitive, meditative guiding and helping others in their journey of transformation. You are a seeker of higher truth and meaning which makes you a spiritual being. You may retreat in solitude and emerge wiser each time you do so. You have a powerful creative force beyond tangible reality, yet so subtle & a personal approach to life that ignites inspiration and manifestation as profound works of art, literature, philosophy and scientific discovery. You are always aware of- and respect your inner knowing. You embrace change with trust and gratitude.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When out of balance you may deny your fears and neglect yourself to the point of intoxication. You may resist change and the process of life. You may only see the wisdom and power to heal in others but not in yourself then get easily irritable and isolated. You may resist the process of ageing not being able to appreciate and embrace the gifts and power of wisdom.


Your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

To heal and balance you may validate your intuition, embrace periods of sadness and pain as opportunities for insight and growth by accepting also your shadow side. Take time in solitude mainly during your period days and the dark moon. Seek nature and its gifts. Embrace your ageing process as a gaining of power, grace and wisdom. Practice breath-work, meditation and yoga on a regular basis to ground yourself and stay balanced! Honour your cycles and Rhythms!


When we meet a Wise Woman like you, it means magic!

Anapnoe Yoga Personality Quiz Results

Persephone, goddess of the underworld. She loves to make others happy.


Your Strengths: when the qualities of your inner Archetype are appreciated and expressed.

Your playfulness and innocent way of looking at the world gives you an air of being unaffected and a special charm which calls for being taken care of. You have a natural understanding of the unconscious in the human psyche. If you evolve, you can bring important healing to others.

You are intuitive, creative, artistic and have a great imagination and the gift to sense behind the appearances. Some of your qualities are being introverted, mystical, visionary, attentive, receptive, quiet, flexible, adaptable & innocent. Because you often lack direction and individual drive, you have the most possible routes for growth among all the other archetypes. You grow most when you have nobody around to do things for you or blame.


Your shadow traits: when your archetype is not consciously understood and integrated.

When you are out of balance commitment may be a challenge for you as you have a perfectionist streak that tells you nothing and no one is up to your standards, creating a repeating pattern of self-sabotage. When this happens your creative side may be blocked and you may feel lonely and stuck. Yet you tend to isolate yourself.


Your lessons to integrate your nature’s archetype and express your essence and radiance.

To heal and bring balance a Mystical Muse you need to cultivate the archetypes of the Earth Goddess & the Ocean Muse, or you can be easily manipulated and dominated by others. You may learn to take responsibility for your own choices, rather than reacting to what life throws at you.

To balance go outside and sit in nature among the trees, sit in silence and open your senses to absorb & balance the elements within you.  regularly Hatha Yoga, Mantra and meditation are very important for your inner strength & personal evolution as well as joining other women circles or Moon Circles.

You are a magical being that makes life blossom!




As an Integral Wellness- Yoga Embodiment Mentor &  Trainer, I have been guiding women on their personal wellness journeys for 20+ years. I specialise in transforming your perception of yourself and your life by merging the Ancient Sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda with modern development accessible practices so you can embody the sublime version of yourself, every single day in every possible way. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Anapnoe Yoga was born in 2013 & My journey as a coach & mentor began as a result of my long, challenging life experience with eating disorders, depression & burnout. When I discovered & experienced the transformational power of Integral Yoga & Ayurveda practices associated with living a balanced, vibrant & fulfilling life, I found & embodied the realisation of my life purpose:
Not only did I experience the transformation of my whole life but it lead me to enhanced Clarity, Vibrant Energy & gave me the Resilience to follow my own life path with tenacity & courage. I was training yoga teachers and it broke my heart to see women go through the same motions, only to end up with side effects from getting medicated.
Wanting to make a difference in the lives of women who are seeking change, suffering from overwhelm, anxiety, low energy and disconnection from themselves, I founded Anapnoe Yoga Awareness through the body, my yoga & women’s wellness practice then launched Cleanse & Reset /Sublime Femme-my signature programs- concentrating on living yoga as conscious evolution.
Fast forward 20+ years and I have helped thousands of women enabling them to reset their own life journeys in holistic wellness, self-development, personal growth coaching & training them to help others. Following my personal values of Integrity, Courage & Gracefulness, I ensure that we’re tailoring my expertise, skills & knowledge to the spiritual, emotional, and physical goals of every woman individually.



Anapnoe Yoga® is my living path and 27-year experiential teaching method. I developed Awareness through the Body as a process of Embodiment that facilitates in unlocking your full potential, by teaching you how to transform any inner obstacle -physical, mental or emotional- that may be blocking your evolution, so you can reveal your essence: your authentic, best, pure you and feel in control of your life, vibrant, balanced & fulfilled. Anapnoe Yoga® integrates Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Organic Movement, Stillness, Bio-Energetic Alignment, Meditation, Prompted Journal Writing, Mindfulness, Sound, Breath-work, Healing Dance, and Living Practices to Live Yoga as Conscious Evolution.

If  you’re ready to rise & feel vibrantly alive with ease and alignment, you can set up a call to map out your vision, and if you need more support going forward we can explore that too! 

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The possibility to reveal your essence is available to you and every woman willing to make the journey of balancing- body, mind, vitality and emotions- by integrating the healthy aspects of all other archetypes. This is The key to unlocking your full potential & living in your natural essence & Radiance!

Your health and well-being are worth it!

What People Are Saying 

“She has more knowledge and wisdom than you could possibly share in just three weeks, but you can see how powerful transformational yoga is just by being around Irana. It was an intensive program, but it is a program that will change your life if you’re open to it and at the very least, will provide a solid foundation to take with you into your Yoga Practice”– AmberVaultier


‘I got so much more from this experience than what I expected. Irana helps you grow and believe in yourself. Irana’s knowledge is impressive and you feel she’s happy to share with her students. So inspiring… I couldn’t recommend this training enoug : it might be life-changing, empowering…. And I finally understood why all life is yoga!  -Vanessa Guerreiro


‘I am so so grateful to Irana, my Yoga Master teacher. Irana is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She has my admiration, is very professional, calm and a quality provider of yoga teaching. The course was so amazing; the asanas, the pranayama, the meditation, the mantras, the lectures, the alignments, ying-yoga, Hatha transformational, vinyasa yoga and also dancing to get our bodies more limber and relaxed. She is a unique teacher and human being. I feel much lighter and stronger both mentally and spiritually. I feel a deeper transformation of my yoga practise; physically, mentally and spiritually  I strongly recommend that if you want to start the journey of becoming whole take this course.’-Paola Giaccomontino


‘Dear Irana, I still haven’t found the right words to express my deep gratitude towards you! Maybe because real magic cannot be expressed with words – so I hope you receive everything I feel on another level. The one thing I can say, without you, I would not be the same today – with you I was able to connect myself with my inner strength to ride life’s waves instead of being drowned by them.  Thank you for sharing with each one of us your sacred space in which we can unfold our wings and see our true power. I truly believe that our tasks unfold the moment we see and accept our inner light. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being YOU. Love’.-Natalie Wurms


‘Dear Irana, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for the most magical three weeks. Not only did I have an amazing experience …but I learnt more about myself and how to use yoga to continue to help myself and those close to me that I could have ever imagined. I have truly fallen in love with yoga and it will be something that I am going to commit to for the rest of my life.’ -Rosie Cardale


If  you’re ready to rise & feel vibrantly alive with ease and alignment, you can set up a call to map out your vision, and if you need more support going forward we can explore that too! 

You can book in for a juicy chat here: training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-
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