Leading International Transformational Yoga Senior Teacher, Embodiment Coach & Mentor Irana Jian, Creator & CEO at Anapnoe Yoga® Awareness through the Body, Presents:  1-29 September
200/300-Hr YTTC Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Paros Island , Greece
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Special Packages : Choose your introductory path.

Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Meditation &  Yoga Nidra

15 €

Introduction to Yoga



1 Personal Session + 3 Group Classes

Other Pricing Options

See what you like best – drop ins, membership or a class package option.
  • Integral Balance

  • €90

    One Day Yoga Workshop
  •   Yoga Mandala Immersion

    • Pranayama & Joint clearing
    • Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga & Meditation
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  • Drop In

  • €20

    One class
  • Feel Free to Explore

    • Yoga Shala Guest
    •  One Class With Us
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  • Morning Hatha Yoga Workshop

  • €60

    One Morning 3 Sessions
    • Valid for One Morning
    • Yoga Shala Guest
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  • Yoga Shala Membership

  • €397

    3 Months
  • Become A Member

    • Group Classes For 3 Months
    • Unlimited classes
    • Full Mandala Access
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  • Yoga Shala Mandala Monthly

  • €180

    1 Month
  • Monthly

    •  Group Classes For 1 Month
    • 3 classes per week
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Coaching Online Session

Get a home practice to progress Integrally: a live streaming session to  Advance your Yoga Practice.

Online Woman Wellness Course

8 Week Woman Yoga Mandala: A Joyful Journey
Feel Strong & Youthful

Tailored Practice

Coaching Session
Live Streaming

90 minutes 108 Euro

Woman Yoga Mandala

8 Week Mind – Body
Balance Journey

  • Personal Class

  • €70

    60 Minutes
  • Yoga & Wellness

    • A Personal Class With Our Experienced Teachers.
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  • Wellness Session

  • €108

    90 minutes
  • Healing & Massage Sessions

    • A Wellness Massage Session with experienced practitioner.
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  • Personal Classes Package

  • €330

    60 Minutes
  • The Way You Like It!

    • 60 Minutes Classes
    •  5 Personal Classes
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  • Personal Classes Package

  • €440

    90 Minutes
  • The Way You Like It !

    • 90 Minutes Classes
    •  5 Personal Classes
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Anapnoe Yoga Mandala Immersion is an exclusive plan of classes-from Energetic and Empowering to Rejuvenating and Healing – designed experientially to bring balance to your body-mind: to consciously evolve by practising what resonates with your present moment & state of being.

Using the Mandala allows you to dive into a joyous yoga experience strengthening your body & healing any issue that may be blocking your evolution while becoming more focused, productive and joyful.

anpnoeyoga.com-teacher training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-
  • Anapnoe Chandra

  • €140

    One Week Pass
  • Yoga Mandala Immersion

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  • Anapnoe Surya

  • €240

    Two Weeks Pass
  • Yoga Mandala Immersion

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Some Tips for Classes and Reservations!

Keep this in mind to make the most of your practice:

  • Empower yourself by adding Pranayama & Joint Clearing, or Meditation to your practice. Cost 10€.
  • Please arrive early at the studio. We cannot allow you into class once it has started.
  • Our classes are 80 minutes long. Enough time to work your body-mind & gift it with a juicy Savasana.
  • Please keep your cell phones silenced out of the yoga room. Selfies are allowed post-class.
  • We’ve got yoga mats and props so you can travel light.
  • Help us keep the sand outside the studio.
  • Practice silence when you enter the Yoga Shala, we have space outside for socializing.
  • Enjoy practice in silence respecting others concentration.

Private Classes:

  • On request, private classes can be shared by a maximum of two people.
  • If you’d like to take a private class with more people, please let us know.
  • An additional €15 per person will be charged to join in the personal class.