Yoga Mandala Immersion™️

Available Online & In Person

 Become Integrally Vibrant: physically, emotionally and mentally. Develop strength, flexibility, focus, clarity of mind, centering and equanimity.

Yoga Mandala Immersion™️ is a yoga & coaching program that includes personal coaching sessions, yoga embodiment classes and tailored yoga practice for you to take home. This Mandala is designed to empower you, strengthen your physical body & immune system and heal any issue blocking your progress. It generates rejuvenation & centering. While going through one Mandala you will feel yourself getting connected to yourself, stronger in body, and clarity while deepening your yoga practice.

You will advance your yoga knowledge, through a method of embodiment,  and develop a consistent home practice. Upon completing this program, you may experience Integral transformation and renewal in your life, and feel inspired & balanced in body & mind. You will gain focus, clarity and inner strength. Learn how to practice and the purpose and principles that support that process.
Through a Mandala of practices that vary from empowering and strengthening to rejuvenating and healing, we teach Integral Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. We integrate Meditation, Breathwork, Sound, Chakra Work, Yoga Nidra, Body Enhancement, Alternative Therapies, Transformational Yoga Yoga Therapeutics & Healing Dance. Complementing with alternative healing practices such as sound healing, Chakra reading, Mudra & Mantra. We guide you to develop awareness through the body and energetic alignment through the breath. We teach yoga addressing each individual’s needs and intentions.
Yoga Mandala Immersion™️ is AnapnoeYoga®Awareness through the body’ signature program. These practices are meant to help us feel better about who we are, to release tension, and to open ourselves up to greater possibilities. to understand, love who we are, and connect to the innate divine that already resides within ourselves.
Why yoga Mandala?

A consistent yoga practice supports you Integrally. Adapt your practice to meet your needs at each moment or juncture of your life:  this is the key to vitality & to getting the most from what yoga can offer you.

Practice yoga to bring harmony into your life, strength, balance and joy. It’s about refining yourself at all levels. To know your Self. The first step is to listen to your real needs.: not what you want but what will balance you.

Ask yourself and listen: how are you feeling today? What kind of practice do you need today?  In which cycle of your life are you? How would you like to feel?

Anapnoe Yoga Mandala Immersion will help you get there with ease and joy. You can use the mandala in your everyday life, on holidays, or as an immersion, for a period of time, you choose.

To access the Mandala, we schedule a consultation with you and develop a custom plan that suits your needs and timings. We offer personal assessment throughout the whole plan period, and at completion, you will get a customized home-tailored practice to continue unfolding in the direction of your aim. Follow-up assessment online with your teacher is also available. training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-
  • Yoga Mandala Immersion

  • €540

  • Yoga & Wellness

    • 1 x 1:1 Onboarding Personal Session
    • 6-day  Yoga Mandala Program
    • Personal Coaching & Tailored Home Practice
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  • Yoga Mandala Immersion

  • 740€

  • Yoga & Wellness

    • 1 x 1:1 Onboarding Personal Session
    • 9-day – Yoga Mandala Program
    • 1 x Tailored Home Practice
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