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Living Clarity Insights for you!

I believe we really start to feel vibrant and fulfilled when we realise we do not know everything we need to know about ourselves, with this realisation  we start to take our life Into our hands.

The more you are curious about yourself, the more you take accountability and responsibility for your own life!

The more you question why you do things,
the more you allow yourself to be imperfect, 
the more you think about the consequences before you react
The more you observe what you say, think and do...

Then, the more you grow in self-awareness and emotional resilience and the more equipped you start to become to handle life stresses difficulties and challenges.
The more you really start to shine, grow and evolve.
The more you embody vibrancy and freedom.

The more you feel balanced and fulfilled.

Love and Grace,

Irana Jian

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26th July 2023- 28th July 2023
8-9pm EST

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