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Design the safest, most efficient and most effective classes.

Learn how to bring clarity and sophistication to your teaching.

Learn the Art of  & therapeutic sequencing.

Introducing the Wise Sequencing Method

Discover the body of knowledge that allows you to systematically design classes to achieve specific goals through a carefully crafted progression.

About This Course

This 100-HR Hatha and Vinyasa Krama Sequencing TTC addresses experienced yoga teachers, it is eligible for the Continuing Professional Development program (CPD). 

After completion of this course, students can apply for an upgrade of their certification level (ex. 200-hr + 100-hr = 300hr qualification)with Yoga Alliance International or get a 100-Hr CPD Certificate.

What you will learn

Learn the essential knowledge you’ll need to be able to design the safest, most efficient and most effective classes.
Develop a new appreciation for the reach and power of practice & the ability to heal and generate transformation.
Learn design an array of classes with specific outcomes and to teach yoga as a holistic science–one that touches body, mind and soul..
Integrate the reach and dynamic of transitions and the ability to bring clarity and sophistication to your teaching.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Grow Your Teaching Skills.

Vinyasa Krama and the teachings you will learn in this course, more than any other training I have organised, will change the way you see practice, the way you see and understand the reach of yoga and the ability to bring clarity and sophistication to your teaching, in the most exceptional way imaginable.

This Training Is Offered As 10 Comprehensive Modules

Weekly Modules | Personal Assessment

100-Hr CPD Training Certification

You can access the whole training with our ONE TIME OFFER 

Individual Personal Assessment

You will access 2 Personal Assessment Sessions for Q&A With Irana Jian

Included in the Training Course

Workshop 1: The strategy for creating the most powerful, effective, and purposeful sequences._ Energetics on Sequencing Yoga as a process to increase vital force, to heal body, mind and soul.
Workshop 2: The art of opening the body-Yoga practice as a holistic science, where posture, breath and meditation blend into a complete and integrated approach to reach advanced asanas.
Workshop 3: Chakra Vinyasa-Asana, pranayama and meditation practice for a lifetime of practice and/or teaching.-The art of sequencing to maximise safety transformation & bioenergetic alignment.
Workshop 4: The art of therapeutic sequencing.-The foundation for practicing or teaching yoga therapy.-How to adapt practices, based on your or your students’ changing needs & Tailoring Practices.
Workshop 5: The art of sequencing Meditations-Different approaches  and their unique effects.-Asana, pranayama and meditation practice for a lifetime of practice and/or teaching.
Workshop 6: In depth sequencing Yoga Nidra as a practice of embodiment-How to structure & sequence Yoga Nidra-Yoga Nidra thematics-Yoga Nidra as therapeutic practice- Elemental Yoga Nidra dynamics.
Workshop 7: The art of sequencing Transformational Yoga-Basic principals of sequencing for therapeutics-Chakra Balancing_Prana Balance & Transformational Yoga_ Chakra Sets combination for therapeutics.
Workshop 8: The art of creating balancing practices_The art of sequencing with theme._Solar Practices_Lunar Practices-Balancing Lunar & Solar Practices
Workshop 9: The art & Dynamic of transitions_Vinyasa and the breath as movement meditation_ Transitioning & the breath_Momentum_Grace in practice
Workshop 10: Personal Tailored Practice Sequencing
BONUS WORKSHOP: Yoga For Corporates
Assignments: Upon completion of the training you will be asked to present a series of 9 Yoga Practices corresponding to the theme of each workshop as a recorded videos.

Enrolment Now Open
997€- now €497

What People Say

“Irana has more knowledge and wisdom than you could share in , but you can see how powerful yoga is just by being around her. It was an intensive program, but it is a program that will change your life if you’re open to it and at the very least, will provide a solid foundation to take with you into your Yoga Practice”

Amber Vaultier

I got so much more from this experience than what I expected. Irana helps you grow and believe in yourself. Irana's knowledge is impressive and you feel she’s happy to share with her students. So inspiring… I couldn’t recommend this training enough: it might be life-changing, empowering…. And I finally understood why all life is yoga! -

Vanessa Guerreiro

Dear Irana, I still haven’t found the right words to express my deep gratitude towards you! Maybe because real magic cannot be expressed with words – without you, I would not be the same today – with you I was able o connect myself with my inner strength to ride life’s waves instead of being drowned by them."

Natalie Wurms

Irana is an extraordinary yoga teacher- professional, calm and a quality provider of yoga teaching and human being. I feel much lighter and stronger both physically, mentally and spiritually very confident in my asanas, pranayama, and meditation and a deeper transformation of my yoga practice;I strongly recommend that if you want to start the journey of becoming a Yoga teacher take this Yoga teacher training course.’-

Paola Giaccomontino

About Irana Jian

Irana gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Connecting students with the expansive awareness, and all-powerful energy within the body, is at the core of all Irana's teachings. She shares her love for the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda.

She pulls from her 25+ years experiential knowledge of “Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Krama Yoga”,to create an alchemy of science and spirit. 

Irana specialises in blending modern scientific accessible practices with the ancient sacred to provide a truly holistic and integrative perspective as embodiment.

Her teaching is for all who wish to deepen their relationship with the Self, generate clarity, professionalism & embody presence.

Irana anchors her work on the Yogic Chakra System and Vinyasa Krama-as taught by the Indian Yoga master, Sri T. Krishnamacharya. She teaches with skill, intuition and confidence.

Exploring both traditional form and more deconstructed, natural breath inspired movement, her yoga practice is creative, grounding, powerful, compassionate and vital in healing the body-mind and the psyche.

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Chakra Vinyasa Training Workshop

7-Day Grounding Embodied Solar Flow Chakra Sequencing   €147

A Grounding Course.
Chakras are us. These 7 wheels of energy and consciousness, located along the central axis of the body, underlie and influence every aspect of our being—physical, energetic, mental, and emotional. We can work with the chakras through yoga practices. Through the Grounding flow, the foundation of this course, you will balance and harmonise yourself integrally: you will develop self –confidence, intuition, self-love, compassion, and make a shift in your perception as an individual & within the collective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i do the course at my own timing & for how long will have access to the course?

You will have access for the life course time to go back and review the content. You can do the course at your own pace. 

The Q&A Coaching Calls will be recorded and accessible on the course dashboard.

When does the course start?

Training Module Workshop is Self Paced Course:

* Days of `Live Q&A Calls- Link & Timings to access will be available the calls on your course dashboard.

Is the 100-Hr Certification with Yoga Alliance International Included in the training cost?

Course cost does not include Certification/ Registration with Yoga Alliance International: Upon the completion of the training course and submission of your assignments please  book a Mentoring Session with your tutor to  get certified by Yoga Alliance International. 

I just finished my 200-Hr foundation training, is it convenient for me to embark on this training?

This training will help you embody the teachings  in depth and go much deeper in the understanding of the principals and application of the components & dynamics of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga.

How can i get in contact for more information?

Contact Us Here

How can i access the workshops individually?

You can access the workshops individually Here

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