Transform your Life, One Breath at a Time

Transform your Life, One Breath at a Time

Transform your Life, One Breath at a Time

I strongly believe that to practice real yoga you do not need to be flexible, you need to be willing to transcend your own limitations, to evolve. (If you are here I believe you might not see yoga as a workout!)

The Power of Yoga: A Journey of Self-Transformation

Talking about yoga, for me, always is parallel to talking about life, and this is the reason yoga is so powerful when it comes to self-transformation. The way we behave in this small space that is our yoga mat is exactly the way we behave in our life; when we are restless, tense, pushy, lazy, cheating, distracted, or grumpy, our practice is mirroring upon us how our life is unfolding.

In my 20+ years of teaching people of all ages, levels of ability, and gender, I have learned to understand what kind of practice each individual needs to come into balance only by observing them sit and move for a few minutes on their yoga mat: ​your body language says everything about you even when you are unaware.

How to Deepen Your Practice:

Tune yourself into your breath, enter the Asana gracefully guided by your gaze and your breath, and then stop moving, stop aligning, stop trying, and stop pushing. Simply allow yourself to stay where you are and observe where the tension is. Breathe fully in, and exhale… release the tension. REPEAT!

In order to ‘open the body—open the mind’, you need to release tension. You need to make space by focusing your awareness on your breath first. Your breath will lead you through. Trust the process, and release tension with each exhale.

Remember: you are not ‘doing yoga’ when you are constantly physically aligning yourself and constantly moving. You are doing yoga when you embody the quality of the posture with stability and ease,  in your breath rhythm. When your mind becomes still and you are in absolute presence. You are in YOGA > union.  This is energetic alignment. Be in the posture without attachment, or expectations to achieve. Breath by breath, moment by moment you embody grace.

Try practising this way and let me know in the comments how this feels in your body-mind.


When having a yoga mentor & a daily practice in place, especially a personally tailored practice for you ​to repeat for a particular duration of time,​ ​you can make huge leaps in transforming your life, advancing your practice, and even healing trauma that is stuck in your body​ (through guidance & regular self-observation towards conscious change​).​


Why having a Tailored Yoga Practice and repeating the same practice daily ​​is ​so powerful, both if you want to advance your practice or/and if you want to get out of your own way?​


❀  Your body begins to feel safe and opens up for you, it becomes more flexible and supple.​

❀  You begin to know the mechanics of your body and experience your own inherent energetic alignment from within.

❀  You can see yourself progressing and evolving and that cultivates your self-resilience.

❀  You encounter yourself on the mat and because there is a constant—your repeated practice—you can observe the fluctuations of your mind and emotions, your resistances and evasions.

❀  The practice becomes your anchor point, your safe place, you’re going back home.


Here are three reasons why having a tailored yoga practice and repeating the same sequence daily can be life-changing: 


❀  Consistency Builds Confidence: As you become familiar with your personalized practice, your body will feel safe and open up, allowing you to experience increased flexibility and a deeper connection to your inner self.

❀  Observe Your Progress: By repeating the same sequence, you can witness your own growth and evolution, cultivating self-resilience and a sense of accomplishment.

❀  Anchor Your Mind: Your daily practice becomes a safe haven, a place where you can reconnect with yourself and find stillness amidst the chaos of everyday life. 


Ready to dive deeper into your yoga practice?


If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level and enhance your life in every way, I invite you to join me for a tailored yoga experience

Join me in this transformative journey and experience the profound benefits of a personalized yoga practice. Together, we will explore the power of breath, release tension, and cultivate a sense of presence and inner peace.

With love, Irana.



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