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Quench your thirst for life

Quench Your Thirst For Life

The truth is we are here in this life to thrive and when we do not get to live our life fully, vibrantly and passionately we become thirsty. This is our desire for life not being met. How many times have I made this mistake of choosing, staring at something when I was out of balance and desperate to feel good- till I learned to stay still? Of course for this to happen, for knowing when to stand still.. you need to realise first that you are out of balance and this requires that while you live your life you also can take a little distance from it so you can witness yourself. How often do we simply settle for whatever is readily available when we are thirsty,...

Is your passion beating darling?

Is your passion beating darling?

How long has it been since you felt your heart beating so strongly for a desire, that it looked like it would jump out of your chest? Not only for a person but for a project or a purpose? This is your passion for living vibrantly, beating. This is our inner Self telling us, ‘GO THIS WAY” and it is soooo clear, But still, we question it, we find excuses to stay in our comfort, in the security of our couch. But this heart beating so strongly is telling you, telling me, GET UP!  You can do it whether you think you can, Whether you have the resources or not. Whenever this happens to me, I know there is no way I will not do it. Even if I do not know... training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-
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