9 Reasons you Should Include Vitamin C in your Diet & Skincare Regimen for a Bright, Tight & Glowing Complexion.

9 Reasons you Should Include Vitamin C in your Diet & Skincare Regimen for a Bright, Tight & Glowing Complexion.

For dermatologists, Vitamin C is at the top of the list. Very few other ingredients have the capacity to give such glow to your skin, protect your skin from pollution, and help your skin regenerate and prevent signs of aging.
Discover all the reasons why you should include Vitamin C supplements & serum in your daily skincare routine and get ready to shine.

One of my favorite beauty secrets!

1. Offers HYDRATION to your skin

It helps the skin hold its inherent moisture, preventing dehydration and helping the skin hold its own water.

2. Gives your skin GLOW

It has whitening properties and awakens the skin, teasing it to glow with its citric properties.

3. As a potent ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, it reduces redness

Vitamine C is used for many acute skin issues.

4. Reduces & prevents BROWN SPOTS

It helps prevent the production of melanin and whitens dark spots that may appear with aging or acne.


Boosts the skin and whitens the underage area, giving a lightening effect.

6. Boosts COLLAGEN production

When we take vitamin C our organism has what it needs to generate collagen, better than taking collagen itself.

7. TIGHTENING effect

Collagen production is related to skin elasticity so when taking vitamin C you are preserving the elasticity of your skin which prevents it from loosening.

8. Protects the skin from FREE RADICALS

Vitamin C is a rich Antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage.

9. Supplies skin cell REGENERATION

It supports the skin to regenerate itself and so it is used to support the healing process of skin burns and other caustic treatments, acne marks, and scars.



How to use vitamin C Serum:

  • Always test on a part of your body for allergy reactions or sensitivities where your skin is not too vulnerable before you apply in a bigger sector of your body or face.


  • There are different types of Vitamin C ingredients so if you have sensitive skin avoid those with L-ascorbic acid and choose those with ascorbic phosphate instead.


  • You may choose to apply it once or twice a day or preferably at night.


  • Caution: Not to be applied or used when exposed to the sun. This is the reason I prefer to use it at night and wake up with bright skin!


  • When using Vitamin C serum in the daytime, make sure to apply 50+ sunscreen factor all day.



Shift from not wanting to look at your tired face in the mirror to looking clear-eyed, fresh, healthy, and abundant with life force, loving your new shining face as it reflects who you truly are: radiant and fulfilled!

Shine on, beauty!


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