Rise & Shine: Discover the Magic of Early Mornings!

Rise & Shine: Discover the Magic of Early Mornings!

Why Wake Up Before Sunrise?

When you wake up even 30 minutes before sunrise, it’s like going to the movies before the film starts. You get ready to receive the energy of the sun and begin your day with Clarity and Vibrant Energy.  

Picture your day as a movie. When you wake up after sunrise, it’s like going to a movie too late, after it has already started. You can still watch the movie, but since you missed the intro, your day is far less likely to start out with vigour and a strong sense of clarity. 

Since I started rising before sunrise 20+ years ago, I hardly ever get colds or sick and would never want to sleep late anymore. I rush out of bed in the mornings, ready to start my day with enthusiasm: it is my magic and favourite time of day!


Have you ever wondered why yogis seem to have an endless supply of energy, positivity, and clarity?


The primordial secret lies in the power of the sun. By waking up before sunrise, you can tap into the incredible benefits of the sun’s energy and transform your life in ways you never thought possible. All the pranic energy in this solar system is essentially generated by the sun. Without the sun, there is no Prana or life energy. The sun is constantly making a connection with you, as it is the source of all life’s energy. The Prana or energetic aspect of You is your physical form of energy that keeps you warm and alive. Without the sun, there is no warmth. Without warmth, there is no life. The same way we check whether we are alive or dead is by seeing whether we are warm or cold.


To live vibrantly, you can activate the sun element within You, as by absorbing the rays of the sun, you become capable of producing energy. If there is no absorption of the sun’s energy, you cannot regenerate nor produce vibrant energy. For the body to heal itself, you have to generate warmth. In this context, Samat Prana (or Samana vayu), or life energy, is an important aspect of creating health in the system.


The number of cells that die in any given day can be drastically brought down if your Samat Prana is high, as the process of living is constantly deteriorating every cell in the body. They say the average age of the cells in an adult human body is 7 to 10 years. Every day, old cells are dying and new cells are being created. The number of cells that die on a typical day can be drastically reduced if your Samat Prana is high. Similarly, the number of new cells that are being created in a day can be drastically increased if your Samat Prana is high.


The amount of Samat Prana you have essentially depends on the amount of the sun’s energy within you.


There are two ways to generate Samart Prana within you: One way is to generate it within you through breathwork and other yogic practices. Another way is to make use of the sun outside to activate this process within you. Both are necessary to live vibrantly.


Benefits of Rising Before the Sun


Here are just a few of the fantastic benefits you can experience by rising before the sun:

❀ Increased Energy: By absorbing the sun’s energy, you can generate more Prana or life energy within you, leading to increased vitality and enthusiasm throughout the day.

❀ Enhanced Clarity: Watching the sunrise can help clear your mind and improve your focus, allowing you to move through your day with greater clarity, ease, and focus.

❀ Balanced Nervous System: The calming and soothing energy of the early morning combined with a well-sequenced Pranayama (Breathwork Practice) can help balance your nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety.

❀ Cellular Regeneration: The sun’s energy combined with a Balanced Breathwork Practice can help regenerate your cells, improving overall health and well-being.

❀ Boosted Immune System: Increasing your Samat Prana with Breathwork at sunrise can strengthen your immune system and better protect yourself from illness.

❀ Improved Time Management: Waking up early gives you more time to accomplish your goals and make the most of your day.

❀ Better Vision: Regularly watching the sunrise can strengthen your eyesight and promote overall eye health.

❀ Spiritual Growth: The early morning hours are an ideal time for meditation and self-reflection, allowing you to connect with your inner self and grow spiritually.


“By aligning yourself with the natural rhythm of the sun, you can unlock the full potential of your body and mind.”


According to Ayurveda, you may want to wake up about one and a half hours before the sun rises so that you can synchronize with the rhythm of the sun. Ayurveda recommends an auspicious time – Brahma Muhurta, which means ‘the time of Brahma‘… the pure consciousnesses for rising up in the morning.

About an hour and a half before sunrise, a great shift in energy fills the space. At this time, the environment is pure, calm, and soothing, and the mind is fresh after sleep. Hope, inspiration, and peace manifest at this time. This time is considered best for meditation and self-observation, supreme knowledge, and eternal happiness. Meditation at this time improves mental performance, thus helping in increasing sattva guna, therefore subduing mental irritation or hyperactivity and lethargy which is contributed by rajas and tamas guna.

Isn’t it magic!


Want to have an endless supply of energy, positivity, and clarity?

Want to overcome fatigue, dullness, sadness, and loss of drive for life and inspiration?

Just imagine starting your day with a burst of energy, a clear mind, and a heart filled with enthusiasm, gratitude, and positivity! This is the magic of waking up before sunrise. Start your day early morning towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you with my Embodied Breath Activation course, and feel your vibrancy increase in 7 days.


By embracing the magic of sunrise, you can transform your life in countless ways. Don’t miss out on the magic – rise, Breathe, and shine!




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