3 Mistakes that Sabotage your Success

3 Mistakes that Sabotage your Success

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot of women and men who struggle with overwhelm and lack of vitality, which makes them feel unfulfilled. They are smart, driven, wonderful visionary people who do so many things right!

And you know what I’ve noticed? They are all doing the same basic mistakes that are sabotaging their well-being.

So today, I want to discuss these three most common mistakes in the hopes that bringing them to the light will help you recognize the limiting behaviors in your own life and offer some alternatives that might just help you feel a whole lot better!

I will try to be clear and straight to the point.

Mistake 1:

They fail to understand that they ought to put their health and wellness first. They tend to neglect the signs of imbalance until it is unbearable and beyond. They procrastinate when it comes to self-care. The most common excuse is they do not have time. No health, no success!

Why is BALANCE  primordial?

Balance is when our body-mind and emotions are at ease, so when they are not it indicates something is going wrong. If being out of balance becomes the ‘normal’ for us then, eventually, dis-ease will appear sooner or later. Meanwhile, we are unable to feel good in our own skin on an everyday basis and so we are letting life slip through our fingers, out of control.

Awareness is the key.

Your body is your compass, everything that is happening to you, mentally, emotionally, physically & energetically, manifests in your body giving you subtle messages. You need to stay connected to your body daily to be able to listen to these nags. No one knows your body better than you. Do you?

The solution and the secret.

To stay balanced, dedicate time and energy daily to your health and well-being first thing in the morning. The first step is learning simple yet accessible targeted daily practices for the current stage of life you are in. Practices that will do the work in less time so you can show up them daily. For this, I encourage expert guidance and a clear method.

Mistake 2:

They fail to realize the importance of cleansing and detoxifying their body regularly. 

Why is CLEANSING so important?

Our body is a very sophisticated machine, much more than a car. We take our car for a service every 5.000km when we want to keep it in optimal performance, right? We get the filters cleaned out, change the oil, update small parts, and do a general cleanup. Our body also needs such TLC and cleansing at least every 6 months in order to stay healthy. Because by living alone, even if we eat healthy foods, we collect toxins daily.

The solution?

I prescribe a seasonal detox to all my clients to stay balanced, vibrant, and healthy. In addition, you’ll want to include daily targeted body movements that strengthen and activate the lymphatic system, glands, and circulation in your ongoing regimen. Balancing movements help us know and feel our body’s messages while keeping it supple and energized.

Mistake 3:

They fail to realize that it is their daily bad habits that create the imbalances and that the key lies in changing these habits to shift their lives. And for that, they need patience, willpower, and again, expert guidance.

Why DAILY HABITS are so relevant?

The things we do every day work in a cumulative way, building upon themselves just like a drop + a drop + a drop fill a glass of water. So for example, if you get out of your bed doing the wrong movement every day you will end up having lower back issues, and then one day you pick up something, and BAM! You cannot move. This happened not because of this moment but because of how you’ve been getting out of bed every day! So that is why changing your habits changes your life!

The solution.

Getting the tools needed to change bad habits for empowering ones that keep us healthy and balanced is a priority as it is an investment in what is most valuable in our life: our health and well-being.

Why EXPERT GUIDANCE is so important?

A knowledgeable mentor will give you a method, the proper guidance, and invaluable tools to support this transition. They will provide accountability and support on the way to help you stay focused and enjoy the process while you learn new ways of being with more ease and trust. And finally, they will save you so much time of trial and error and giving up on yourself because they’ve been there and they’ve helped countless others surpass their limits and setbacks.

When it comes to health and wellness, I highly believe in prevention through pro-action.

 Keeping our body supple, strong, and clear of toxins is the best way to ensure we live a balanced life which is a joyful, conscious, and fulfilling one.

You can start now by getting my ESSENTIAL GUIDE to HEALTHY HABITS here below and if you just implement one of these habits per week you will start feeling the shift.

Keep an eye on your inbox because, in a few days’ time, I’ll be announcing my 21-Day Cleanse & Reset for this Spring that’s launching on the next new moon, and I have a feeling you may be interested this time!!

with love & kindness,

Irana Jian ❀



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