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Calm your overthinking mind

overthinking mind

Calm your overthinking mind

Here is the best strategy to stop overthinking & calm your mind.

I woke up blissed inside out on that full moon day! The dark cloud I had all around and inside me and all that Kapha energy had dissipated. Did you know that on a full moon day, whatever state you are in, it gets enhanced? The full moon holds a mirror to us so we can see and feel where we really are emotional!

I had been feeling heavy and lethargic, and my mind was scattered and super active; I could not focus, and creativity was just not flowing through! I knew, because I do cleanse my body and mind regularly, that it was time to get out of the winter comfort zone!

I finished my 21-day Cleanse & Reset Pure (second Cycle of the year), which I did from new moon to full moon. So I changed my daily Habits & begun doing powerful breathwork every single morning.  Now I feel light again, my mind is calm and clear, and I feel inspired.

I felt so empowered and resilient by experiencing the potency of these practices I am offering you. So grateful! Although I go through this process regularly, every time I do it, I feel better and more stable inside out. I can’t stress enough the importance of you moving out of your comfort zone in favor of your well-being & the paramount importance of purification to live in health, balance, clarity, and calm.

A client, and friend, called me the other day saying how much she has been suffering this winter with breathing issues and allergies…if we are not well in our health, we can’t pay attention to anything else, do we? Listen, sickness and discomfort arise when we become stagnant, energy does not flow, sickness arises… then we go to the doctor, take medicines…

Whenever you are feeling sluggish, fearful, angry, disempowered, out of focus, overwhelmed, scattered, sick, insecure, emotionally imbalanced, unsure, blurred, uninspired, depressed, stressed, anxious, or overwatched physically or by life, what you need is a drastic shift of energy that will wake you up, empower you and lighten you. When you feel your mind is starting to accelerate, that you have negative thoughts arising…it is time to cleanse your body and mind from toxins!

A regular (4 times a year) Cleanse is the most powerful way to take your health into your hands &  to handle any imbalance or issue that may be obstructing your way to freedom by uprooting the cause and finishing with it drastically. I can assure you that most of your illnesses will vanish if you only take that leap and go for a Cleanse. Create a shift of energy. Flip the coin!

Why can’t you see it?

I’ll give you clarity on this subject: When you are in any of these situations I mentioned before, you are full of toxicity which creates a cloud of confusion and blurred mind along with sucking you in it like a vacuum and making you lose perspective of life. I do not mean only physical toxins: there are also emotional, mental, and energetic toxins that accumulate inside and around you.

We need regular cleansing just like our home needs it. Even if we believe we eat healthily, toxins still accumulate all kinds of toxicity. Every change of season, we ought to declutter ourselves to stay light, have clarity and lighten up our lives. We need to detox to stay clean and clear.

How to calm your overthinking mind?

21-day Yoga Cleanse & Reset Pure is not a course to pamper yourself or give yourself some yoga courses only. It is about coping to build up a strong body, a clear mind, emotional balance, and will power. It is about boosting your metabolism and immune system. No joke, but real empowerment. If you are not in balance, you cannot live well even if you have everything. If you do not declutter yourself regularly, you can’t be in Balance either.

21-day Cleanse & Reset Pure is an experiential method designed to guide you smoothly through that process and teach you how to live well and at your full potential: Live with a Clear & Calm mind & a strong and healthy body. Moreover, by taking this 21-day challenge with yourself, you will strengthen your willpower and self-trust and discover a new empowering way of approaching living!

Calm your overthinking mind
irana Fouroulis

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