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Yoga as lifestyle : living your life beyond

Lining your life beyond means to live inspired, to live with passion, and to live essential and authentic lives. To live with integrity, to progress.

It takes courage and continuous awareness to live in this way. These states are not going to happen if we just sit here and wait for our life to get better. Or if we just take care of our outward appearance. We all know that most of the time, what we see and what appearances look like is not what exactly lies beneath them.

And even if we work out and practice yoga and feel strong and beautiful, without cultivating our character, it will not be a lasting beauty or a lasting state of joy.

Why? Because instead of embellishing, cleaning, and cultivating ourselves from the inside out, from the core of our being, we are taking care only of the cover. And that cover is only temporary. Our body is a temple in which we live, and we ought to honor it and take care of it, but for us to be able to live in this body in peace and harmony because there are life and purpose -Dharma- beyond that body.

At a young age is more difficult to understand, especially in the society we live in. But later, after you surely realize that beauty lies in empathy, the grace of movement, body language, and what kind of thoughts we make, all aspects of us that reveal who we are, really. Not our physical beauty, but the state of our spirit, the brilliance of our gaze and our tone of voice, our actions, and the way we express ourselves.

Sensuality relates more to sensitivity than appearance, to how much we smile from the heart. What makes your skin glow is how much you love yourself, nurture yourself, and if you cultivate yourself, and enjoy everything you do. The way you welcome life and its challenges. The way you respond vs. reacting.

To live inspired, you must inspire. To live with passion, you need to tend to your inner fire. To live essentially, you need to reflect and update yourself with yourself on an ongoing basis to stay calm so you can be receptive to your needs. To live with integrity relates to living with the intention of not harming and being truthful and sincere with yourself and others.
To live in these ways is to progress.

Being authentic relates to first knowing yourself and letting yourself and others live joyfully. It all starts with oneself and radiates out into the world, inspiring others too!

Anapnoe Yoga, beyond the physical practice, is a yoga-inspired lifestyle for modern, active women and men. We are committed to supporting and inspiring, especially women, to live passionate, authentic lives, loving who we are inside and out. We live our lives beyond.

Practicing with us, you will progress integrally: we teach you our pathway, and you inspire us with your uniqueness!

I wish you joy. I wish you consciousness, I wish you truth, I wish you love,

Irana Ji An

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