Music as Meditation Session

Saturday, June 24, at Yoga Shala Paros

at 19:00hs

The concept of “Music as Meditation” is based on the idea of creating a safe space that supports the meditative aspects of music and pure sound. Meditation and healing are interrelated. Through deep relaxation, we gain access to our subconscious. Old memories may surface and pass, and blockages may be released. As we perceive the music in a dreamlike state, we travel through soundscapes and inner landscapes that connect us to our center. Different kinds of vibration affect different parts of us. As everything is vibration, it helps us to reconnect with ourselves and the nature around us. Our music is a blend of eastern sounds, rooted in sacred Greek, Turkish Sufi, and Indian traditional music, of mostly improvisational character. Our instruments consist of string instruments such as the Turkish saz, the Greek lafta, and Tambouras, as well as wind instruments such as the Indian Bansuri and the Turkish ney. One part is of a more percussive nature, bringing on the shamanic element with frame drums and various small percussion. Voice and Mantras, singing bowls, and bells are interwoven throughout the musical journey.

A healing journey through sound with Monika & Angelos

We, Angelos Michelis and Monika Fries are musicians based in Naxos, where we have offered this program as part of yoga classes and seminars but mainly as a one-and-a-half-hour program by itself. We are open to leading related programs, such as singing/chanting circles, percussion groups, and other meditative music-related projects, as well as collaborating with holistic movement and dance or yoga programs.

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    26th July 2023- 28th July 2023
    8-9pm EST