Joyful New Year 8 Day empowerment Yoga Challenge

Merry Christmas!

Join us in this 8 day Journey of empowerment ONLINE YOGA and enter the new year grounded, strong, and with clear intentions!

This Yoga Challenge is our Christmas present. Thank you for being part of our Yoga Community and life journey!

We are a few days away from 2018.
On the 24-25th of December, symbolically, through the birth of Jesus, we celebrate the birth of the light. These time between Christmas and the settling in of the new year on the 6th of January is a portal and a time to set our intentions for the year to come.

It is the best time to reflect upon the last year and its teachings so we can gain wisdom and insight, see what we need to leave behind, what we would like to change or achieve, and plant our seed intentions for the new year. In this way, we can consciously move forward and take the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality, and our projects and goals come to pass.

For this Christmas, I want to make a potent end-of-year present of empowerment to you to start the year with full awareness, strength, focus, clarity, and joy!
Starting today, yes, just on  Christmas day, I invite you to the 8-day challenge of yoga and journaling. I will be sending you yoga practices and journaling reflections, and questions for your self-inquiry and empowerment.

Our intentions create our experiences, and our aim is to reach the end of this year full of energy and knowing exactly what we need to do to create the life we want, starting from day 1 in our best shape.

All you need is to dedicate 40 minutes a day in the morning, whenever you wake up, to be by yourself and do the practice so you can enter 2018 in your best possible shape!

My intention through this journey is to inspire in you the beauty of creating space for yourself. To guide you into a radical shift by making time, as a priority,  to commit to daily potent practices: a journaling routine and a daily yoga practice. These potent practices will create a shift in your body and mind and a connection to your deepest aspirations. This awakening of yourself equals empowerment and will allow all the vitality, creativity, and inner strength that you already have within yourself to unfold.

Join me for this 8-day  empowerment YOGA CHALLENGE ONLINE! The challenge is not the practice as practices will be simple, but to commit and be there for your practice and, ultimately, your wellness!

I wish you joy, I wish you truth, I wish you consciousness
I wish you a lifetime of love,

Irana JiAn

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Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself. - Rumi
irana Fouroulis

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