Leading International Transformational Yoga Senior Teacher, Embodiment Coach & Mentor Irana Jian, Creator & CEO at Anapnoe Yoga® Awareness through the Body, Presents:  1-29 September
200/300-Hr YTTC Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Paros Island , Greece
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Body Tales: a healing movement session

The healing dance is a door to internal investigation. The goal is to give ourselves time to connect to a movement that comes from within, not from the head or our habits. If we just allow it, our body will lead us to movement. It’s a journey of tuning to our body, to pay attention to our needs. We learn to lead ourselves, to trust the senses, enjoy the freedom and movement and thereby get the experience of healing.

The healing dance is a door to internal investigation, to connect to a movement that comes from within.

A few things you can gain from the session – The sensation and ability to let go. – Reconnecting to your body and how you truly can dance again . – Listening – connecting to what is happening now in this moment, to yourself, to the body . – How to move without effort, organically – All the inherent qualities we have. – To receive support.

You can come to this session with an intention of breaking through or healing any issue or  to explore different possibilities, or just to let yourself dance freely. This is a guided movement session to free your body, relax the mind and allow your heart to lead the way. You can also explore Personal Healing Dance sessions or join us Wednesdays at 19:00hs for a group Body Tales session.

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