Self Reliance and Yoga

Self Reliance & Yoga

Self Reliance and Yoga

What is Self -reliance?

Self-reliance is to know deeply that we can make it and that we can provide for ourselves emotionally and physically. That all is going to be taken care of. To feel whole rather than trying to find external sources or beings to become whole.

There is a big urge lately to feel self-reliant. Especially at these times that we are going through right now, of great uncertainty and so many shifts in all aspects of life. No one is an exception right now!

Many times Self-reliance is misinterpreted as confidence.
But confidence is a superficial state that relies on external factors, while self-reliance is an inside matter.

Confidence usually comes from possessions, positions, or intellectual knowledge. Self-reliance comes from surrender, trust, inner connection & experiential knowing.


We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever more deeply, our divine courage, freedom, and light -Hafez

Confidence can be faked why Self-reliance implies clarity.
So, how to tune in to our inner source of direction and rely upon it to clearly guide us?

Turn within. Just like a tree, trust life.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that addresses all aspects of ourselves- physical, mental, emotional, and vital. It gives us the tools to transform our lives and move from confidence to clarity, from self-doubt to trust in life. From relying on external factors to Self-reliance.

Look at Yoga as a uniting factor, not as a physical practice. It is a science, not a method. it is an inner science.
So is self-reliance: an inner matter.


irana Fouroulis

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