Quench Your Thirst For Life

Quench your thirst for life

Quench Your Thirst For Life

The truth is we are here in this life to thrive and when we do not get to live our life fully, vibrantly and passionately we become thirsty. This is our desire for life not being met.

How many times have I made this mistake of choosing, staring at something when I was out of balance and desperate to feel good- till I learned to stay still?

Of course for this to happen, for knowing when to stand still.. you need to realise first that you are out of balance and this requires that while you live your life you also can take a little distance from it so you can witness yourself.

How often do we simply settle for whatever is readily available when we are thirsty, forgetting who we truly are and what we truly desire?


We fall into the wrong relationship even if we are not in love. Finding excuses to be there just not to be alone.


We go shopping and we buy all the clothes we will never wear.


We eat & drink what makes us feel horrible.


We hang out with people that are not in alignment with our values


We give our consent to agreements that are detrimental to our goals, well-being and integrity


And the list goes on.


Neediness. Disconnection. Fogginess. No Passion for Life. No purpose.


When this happens it’s because we are out of balance.

It all comes down to this always: Balance

I heard so many people say “Balance is boring’

Do You believe this?


Learning to move, ever more, towards balance is the most empowering way to live. When you get in this mode you enter a state of flow.


It takes recognising when we are out of balance and being able to step back and observe ourselves to make a change in our lives. How to do that?


Because generating Clarity is the most empowering way to live.
You embody your sovereignty.


Your Sublime self.
You own your power.
You embody Shakti: your divine feminine vibrant energy.
You embody the Goddess within you.


Now, if you ask me how to learn to live in a way that moves you ever more towards balance, I will tell you.

Whatever state of being you want to be in that is better than where you are right now

First comes purification.

Cleanse to generate clarity, vibrancy and balance.

Learning how to live in a way that moves ever more towards balance.

When you will feel vibrant, grounded, sublime,  and fulfilment arises from within you.
You will give yourself first what you need, you will be
Sovereign of yourself and you will be no thirsty
But overflowing with love, joy and…then:

You will
quench yourself first,
then choose
where to drink from.

You live with passion.



As the season shifts from winter to spring, it is time to shed and release some of the excesses accumulated during winter, and come into Balance, it’s an optimal time for a spring cleanse.


 What happens when we take too long to offload toxins from our bodies?


  • Our physical body feels heavy.
  • Our lymphatic system becomes sluggish and retains water and toxins that create cellulite but also fertile ground for disease.
  • Our metabolism slows down and we gain weight.
  • Our energy levels drop and we feel fatigued.
  • Our sleep quality decreases and we become unbalanced and tired.
  • Our eyes get dark circles and puffiness & redness.
  • Our endocrine system slows down creating a hormonal imbalance.
  • Our emotions become unbalanced as a result.
  • Our mind becomes dull and foggy and anxiety & self-doubt creep in. We lack clarity & willpower.
  • We go completely out of balance.


Does any of these feel familiar?


As a result of all these side effects, we become completely out of balance which impacts all areas of our lives, including self-confidence, relationships, work, productivity, inspiration, creativity, and sensuality among other things.

Gathering toxins is a natural consequence of living and this is the reason why, if you want to feel vibrant, Yoga & Ayurveda insist on doing a Cleanse & Reset every change of season.


Are you ready to experience your life to its fullest?


Bring yourself into balance, connect to your centre, and live in a body you love! 


This comprehensive yoga embodiment Cleanse & Reset Your Life Program will fundamentally shift how you perceive and experience life—leading to lasting fulfilment and joy.


It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and support recovery from burnout and adrenal fatigue. The Cleanse & Reset Program has genuinely transformed the lives of hundreds of women! It will help you generate vitality & clarity as you embody new ways of living that will bring you lasting balance, strength, health, and higher levels of perception and productivity.


Are you ready to...

  • Maintain high energy & alertness throughout the day.
  • Enhance mental clarity, emotional balance & productivity?
  • Eliminate stress, fear & anxiety.
  • Achieve joy, tranquillity & fulfilment?
  • Live with purpose and passion.
  • Sleep well & Wake up feeling fresh and vibrant
  • Live in a body you love.


Click HERE and Start Your Journey Towards Divine Radiance


Reset Your Life_ Awaken Your Vibrant Energy, Embody Your Potential Ignite Your Passion. Feel Sublime.

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