Our Choices Create Our Reality

Our Reality

Our Choices Create Our Reality

Our intentions create our experiences only when we align our choices with those intentions. Every moment is a moment of choice and an opportunity to step into our power to create consciously. To create an evolutionary choice.

Many times we have an intention in our mind or heart, but our choices do not reflect what we intend to live. Either unconsciously or because we choose based on our momentary likes and dislikes, we get lost in the process of creating the reality we long for ourselves.

Every moment is a moment of choice, and every single choice creates our reality and has an immediate consequence that is our life as it develops. Imagine a life-like sequence of scenes where one scene brings you to the next. Every thought, word, and action has an immediate consequence in your life and the life of other beings, as everything in this existence is interconnected. This is what we call the Law of Karma, and this is how the universe conceives and creates our reality.

For I have learned that every heart will get what it prays for most. -Hafez

When our Intention, thought, words and actions are in alignment, we become integrated, conscious creators of our reality and benefit not only ourselves but for all beings. We begin our evolutionary journey. We take responsibility for our choices and therefore are able to live with ever greater acceptance and learning from whichever outcome of our choices: we step into our personal power.

Our choices are the process of manifesting our Intentions.

So once we know which reality we intend to create, we may start asking ourselves what impact our choice will have in the next moment on the other person or the world around us. Will our choice increase love and happiness, not only for us but for other beings too?

irana Fouroulis

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