My Career Path: The Wounded Healer and your Super Power

My Career Path: The Wounded Healer and your Super Power

My career path has been anything but straightforward.

I have dealt with more than one wounding experience in my life, both loss & betrayal that sapped my strength and confidence for a long time. Which made me push my feelings away and feel angry as life seemed unfair to me, and I was tempted to see myself as a victim, but that was not the truth.

I see my vulnerability as the source of my courage and greatest strength, even a gift.

My healing journey is an ever-expanding lesson in vulnerability and compassion for myself and others. It never ceases to upraise and amaze.

By acknowledging the uncertainties, discomfort, and wounds in my life, I’ve healed myself.

Healing this pattern has given me the opportunity to become a healer—someone who can help others deal with their own pain. Just like an initiation, making me incorporate what I’ve learned and transcend it into my work, and an inspired career path.

Without understanding vulnerability on a deeper scale, I wouldn’t be able to pass on this sea of knowledge in the same way. Integrating my pain became the source of my courage, giving me a powerful perspective and boundless wisdom.


Vulnerability and courage are inseparable.

This knowing is like an elixir, a healing essence, that equips me to help others.

My path toward reaching my career’s potential has come through the process of wounding and, eventually, healing myself: the wounded healer.

Today, my work and purpose out in the world are to be of service in a way that feels sacred and focuses on spiritual ascension, undivided support, and healing others on their own beautiful journey. I instinctively sense what people need and where their suffering or unhappiness lies and my work allows me to channel this gift and help them. It feels like I was born with this gift that has meaning to me and is aligned with my core values: Truth, Courage, Devotion, and Integrity.

Each one of us has been handed a set of gifts that is uniquely ours to embody and share.

What motivates me is not success or money, but rather being of service to others and making a genuine impact in awakening them to their own potential. As I am focused on my spiritual pursuits, I find myself drawn to experiences that bring me outside of mundane reality.

For the past decade, I have been on a sacred mission to help women restore their balance, inside and out, and provide safe and fertile ground for tangible and lasting transformation. I do this through my ability to merge with others and transcend their pain with a sense of empathy and kindness that opens their heart and creates space for emotional healing. 

Are you ready to own your SUPERPOWER?

People shift their vibration when they are with me, online or in person. This, admittedly, took a while for me to own… because it scared me to own my superpower! Do you relate?

Showing up in such a way is a true honor as it allows me to facilitate a space where people can see the vastness of their possibility, and shift towards it rather than thinking of it as a far-off dream. Because they experience themselves at a higher frequency, they take more aligned action and they begin to honor their truth and their desires full-heartedly. Their perceived limits melt away as they forge their path forward with love, joy, and prower.

We all have superpowers. They will lead you to your path and purpose, it is the spark that defines you as YOU!

Once you’ve found and embraced your superpower, it’s time to get out there and BE it! Unapologetically.

If you’d like to dive deeper into your uniqueness, reveal that spark of divinity within yourself, and live life feeling vibrant and fulfilled, then I’ve got something special cooking for you! We are starting a free 48-day Mandala where I will be offering a weekly group coaching call to connect, guide, support, and hold space for your sacred transformation.

This potent practice leads you in the direction of your spiritual intention and offers you the tools and the sacred space you need for your ascension. Register HERE!

Follow your path, I can show you the way!


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