Is your passion beating darling?

Is your passion beating darling?

Is your passion beating darling?

How long has it been since you felt your heart beating so strongly for a desire, that it looked like it would jump out of your chest?

Not only for a person but for a project or a purpose?

This is your passion for living vibrantly, beating.

This is our inner Self telling us, ‘GO THIS WAY” and it is soooo clear,

But still, we question it, we find excuses to stay in our comfort, in the security of our couch.

But this heart beating so strongly is telling you, telling me,
GET UP!  You can do it whether you think you can, Whether you have the resources or not.

Whenever this happens to me, I know there is no way I will not do it. Even if I do not know how I just set sails, eyes wide open, I sharpen my senses and listen to the ideas that come to mind so I can get there no matter what.

And I have always done it to the destination, whether I had the resources or not, have found them.

This passion for a purpose is the desire for life. For expansion. For thriving. It explodes your vision and you begin to picture it, to manifest it.

This is how I came to live on this Island, how I created my Atelier Gaia- my Pottery studio in 1994, this is how I got to my teacher and became a Transformational Yoga Master in 2007 and how I created Yoga Shala-my School of transformational Yoga in 2013 (and the list goes on) without resources.

Just because that was it! Because the idea of it was a DESIRE that made my heart beat like a huge drum and aligned me with my PURPOSE.

We try to picture our purpose like a tangible object, yet it is a path, a strong heartbeat, that ignites your passion and gives you the courage to leap into the unknown (where magic is).

And then you LEAP; meaning: jump or spring a long way, to a great height, & with great force.

Whatever the result is, what matters most is you that you grow, you learn,
You evolve and most importantly you live fully: because to do this you are completely present, aligned with your vision: You are living vibrantly and fully.

The issue with most of us is that we stay in our heads finding obstacles (excuses) not to move out of our COMFORT ZONE, or dead-alive zone, as I call it.

We hear our heart starting to beat strongly and we fear not to lose our security by risking (money, time, energy) so we say, hold on: this is crazy…I cannot do that! First I have to do this and that…I will try…

And this “I will try” as you know very well, means I will not do it, but it makes you feel safe to say that, does it?

…and tick, tock…life passes by your side and you watch it depleting while you are “SAFE” and “Comfortable”

These wake-up calls from the heart are your life force, your potential nudging you to awaken and live fully, vibrantly.

Life is happening now.

irana Fouroulis

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