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Find your Rhythm and Dance with Life!

dance with life

Find your Rhythm and Dance with Life!

Do you miss feeling vibrantly alive?

Today I have the great joy to share the one thing you need to discover in order to re-generate vibrant energy within all the while being immersed in a sense of pure calm so that you can live in a state of flow and create your life with ease, grace, joy, connectedness.

I always say that when I am vibrantly alive, I feel as though I am dancing with life!

I can smell the roses and feel deeply enchanted with the journey as it unfolds…

So what is this one thing you need to know for you to tune into your rhythm?
In music, rhythm is music’s pattern in time.

Your rhythm is your pattern in time.

The tune of life is set by nature itself, its cycles and rhythms, its ebbs and flows, the waning sun, and waxing moon. And so it goes. Each one of us needs to find our own unique rhythm to dance to.

How to Find your Rhythm?

Follow these 3 steps:

I’ve learned this experientially 25 years ago as I was healing from depression, divorce and breakdown. I developed this method and have helped hundreds of women move out of anxiety, burnout, and lostness.

  1. Firstly, you need to attune yourself to life. Finding energetic alignment requires you to release the physical, mental and emotional toxins from your body. First comes balance, then connection. You need balance first.
  2. Secondly, you need to sustain that balance and attune yourself, like an instrument, to your cycles and rhythms that are inherently connected with life, nature, the sun, and the moon. Here, it is essential you create a structure to tap into your rhythm. Once maintained, this is a stage I call “Activation”—you are on the right path!
  3. Finally, you’ll want to embody that rhythm, live it, and become the rhythm itself so that you can become the dancer.

“Your rhythm serves as a driving force that propels you forward and provides your life experience a structure for you to be(come) the dancer.”

To find your rhythm again, you’ll need a method. This comes with experience, the proper guidance, and loving devotion to the process.

My method provides you with the structure and support to find your own rhythm and lean into your wholeness, one practice at a time.

Then you-the dancer- and the dance will become one. You will be dancing with life, flowing with divine timing.

Pause and just imagine for a moment going from feeling trapped with no drive for life, and no inspiration to feeling vibrantly energetic and having the strength and inner support systems set in place to turn any challenge into an empowering possibility.

It is the difference between darkness and light, between surviving and thriving, spreading yourself thin and living in fullness and harmony, and you deserve a life beautifully and fully lived.

Are you ready to receive guidance and implement this system in your life?

This week, I am offering 3 coaching calls to help you map out where you need to start. This is for 3 women who are ready to feel radiant now! I invite you to book that free call and reset this exciting new chapter in your life: connect with me!

In the meantime, activate your journey to feeling vibrantly alive and looking radiant with my free Beauty Secrets Checklist.

I cannot wait to hear from you!

With Love,



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