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Anapnoe Yoga Lifestyle is a Path

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Anapnoe Yoga Lifestyle is a Path

The Yoga Lifestyle is a path, a journey toward Self realization. It is living the truth with every breath. On and off the mat, even in sleep. Then, ‘all life is yoga. It starts with that deep aspiration of becoming whole, letting go, surrendering, wanting to under-stand the ever-repeating wheel of your own life, and finding your life purpose… Sometimes it starts when you get to a juncture when you feel you have suffered enough. It starts when the questions are too deep, too many, and you can’t answer them with your mind. Some of us start to practice yoga or go to a Yoga Retreat.

When you enter into this Yoga Lifestyle path, you want to know yourself: When yoga comes with you off the mat. You start to sincerely look within, willing to see the truth, observing your thoughts, words, and actions.  The truth of ourselves is complex and uncomfortable. It’s our contradictory nature that says one thing and does another, both equally heartfelt. It’s us, as loving and rejecting at the same moment, as peaceful and angry, as wise and yet impulsive and unthinking. It is us, as spiritual and material beings, infused with the divine whilst bound to the physical realm of form and desire.

“The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself. – Anais Nin”

This lifestyle path starts when you begin to witness who you really are, what you think, say, do, and it goes on to transform us and the way we perceive the world and life. Our discoveries may shake us to the core and challenge who we believe ourselves to be. But within that challenge lies the deepest truth: that when we touch the very ground of our being, all paradoxes are resolved. Here what matters is the way more than where you will get to. The way is life moment to moment, with every choice we make. You become a yogi each moment through your choices.

Living yoga is living with intention, practicing no-harming, purifying your body-mind, seeking solitude to reflect and find silence and stillness to become receptive, giving selflessly, offering, honoring, and trusting. It requires courage, compassion, tenacity, and trust in life and yourself. Knowing and understanding yourself. It is letting go of who you believed yourself to be, daring to lose yourself to realize your essence, your Self. Allowing life to show you the way rather than believing yourself to be the doer. t is learning to respond rather than reacting in this life. It is a chain of choices you make each moment, and it is a Solo journey to unite with all that is, like a raindrop joining the ocean. To transform the world. It is living the Truth. Being grateful. Being who you really are. It is inspiring.

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