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Find your Rhythm and Dance with Life!

Do you miss feeling vibrantly alive? Today I have the great joy to share the one thing you need to discover in order to re-generate vibrant energy within all the while being immersed in a sense of pure calm so that you can live in a state of flow and create your life with ease, grace, joy, connectedness. I always say that when I am vibrantly alive, I feel as though I am dancing with life! I can smell the roses and feel deeply enchanted with the journey as it unfolds...

9 Reasons you Should Include Vitamin C in your Diet & Skincare Regimen for a Bright, Tight & Glowing Complexion.

For dermatologists, Vitamin C is at the top of the list. Very few other ingredients have the capacity to give such glow to your skin, protect your skin from pollution, and help your skin regenerate and prevent signs of aging. Discover all the reasons why you should include Vitamin C supplements & serum in your daily skincare routine and get ready to shine. One of my favorite beauty secrets! 1. Offers HYDRATION to your skin It helps the skin hold its inherent moisture, preventing dehydration and helping the skin hold its own water. 2. Gives your skin GLOW It has whitening properties and awakens the skin, teasing it to glow with its citric properties. 3. As a potent ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, it reduces redness Vitamine C is used for many acute skin issues. 4. Reduces...