Anapnoe Yoga ®

Yoga as Lifestyle

Anapnoe Yoga® is a  method of teaching authentic and traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation & Mindfulness as a lifestyle. As a practice of embodiment.

Anapnoe Yoga® is a slow, gentle, yet deeply grounding & strengthening  Yoga practice that develops awareness through the body-mind, encouraging the fluidity of the spine. Through deep long breathing, we explore the divine wisdom of natural movement that lies within. Movement & breath awareness liberates one’s body-mind from deep-rooted imprints.

Within Anatomical Alignment in Traditional Asana Practice, we learn to explore our innate body wisdom and path to freedom from conditioning. In this experiential approach, Anapnoe Yoga®Awareness through the body- incorporates a Mandala of Practices: Traditional Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & Yin-Rasa Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Therapeutics & other scientific –  ancient & modern developments & modalities.

In Anapnoe Yoga practice we become more receptive, we find our body’s natural rhythm & expression. Movement unfolds from our core – to awaken the energy of the sun at the navel centre and expand outwards, in all directions. It is an Integral practice that cultivates presence through embodiment.

Sessions are rejuvenating and balancing practices (solar-lunar). The emphasis of the class is on fluidity through the breath and awareness through the senses-body. In every class, we move creatively through all groups of Asana creating full body transformation, circulation, centring & expansion. Chakra work, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudras, Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Mindfulness are integrated into the practice.

The teaching of AnapnoeYoga® is based upon the ancient Hatha Yogic texts, which states that all fixed forms should be practised with the aim to develop free organic movement -unfolding from within- as a necessary step in the cultivation of longevity.

The set forms and sequencing of Anapnoe Yoga –Vinyasa Krama-contain within them all groups of asana ( body positions)and movements (Standing, Pumping, Sitting, Weighing, Lying, and Bending- in all directions-(Inverting, Spiraling, Turning and Twisting) for the proper development and fluidity of the spine. All these combined with suitable rhythmic breathing, bring about the unfolding of inner-strength, harmony and awareness of the Self.

We begin with awareness through the body-mind because it’s important to start with the foundation where we understand not only how to build the yoga pose from the ground up but to stand on our own two feet. We learn to connect with our breath, observe our body and understand the relationship we have with ourselves and the impact our thoughts have on our health, wellness and life. Anapnoe Yoga is a yoga of awakening, an invitation to wake up, to release the tension, to move into vulnerability. To let go.

My intention is that by practising yoga, being committed to these mindful practices and doing the deep work that’s necessary on ourselves, we may develop the empathy necessary to be more loving, more truthful and more integrated human beings, to surrender to the Divine within and within all. And if we are open, to expand our perspective and understanding a way perhaps we hadn’t been able to realize before.

Wherever you are at, the invitation is just to simply breathe and be present with your experience, to open into something else, into something new. Then this practice will allow you to step into the next aspect of your own exploration.

Anapnoe Yoga is a yoga-inspired lifestyle, for modern, active women and men. We are committed to supporting and inspiring. Living passionate, authentic lives, loving who we are inside and out. We live our lives beyond. Soulfully.

I wish you joy. I wish you consciousness, I wish you the truth, I wish you, love,

Irana Ji An,


"Anapnoe is a Greek word that means retrieving the breath of life" training hatha vinyasa-Irana JiAn Fouroulis Paros-Greece-