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Leading Energetic Alignment Activator, International Transformational Yoga Senior & Women's Wellness Spec. Embodiment Coach & Mentor Irana Jian CEO at Anapnoe Yoga® Awareness through the Body Presents:
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women

I​gnite your light, triple your energy & harness your calm in 21-Days

Ready to make that radical shift & reset your life? 

  • Release the toxic load so you can go from feeling stuck & fatigued to wake up feeling excited & rejuvenated, ready to start your day with clarity, feeling vibrantly alive. 

“How can I experience more ease?” 

  • Clear toxic habits & shift to energising & empowering rituals which support your adrenals and have you looking clear eyed, fresh, healthy, and abundant with life force as you  create a vibrant mind-body connection to ignite your light and radiate magnetism.

“How can I finally create my life the way i want it?”

  •  Reconnect with yourself and stop Stressing on thought patterns that keep you tied to the never-ending cycle of anxiety so you can live being grounded into the power of the present moment where only calm and inner joy prevails. 
  • Ignite your lightfeel free, fresh & vibrantly alive as you shed the weight and lymphatic stagnation that keeps you heavy and hiding & shift to living in a body you love and that reflects who you truly are.
Integral balance is the key to getting out of Anxiety , emotional overwhelm and disconnection. Learn how to generate Clarity, grounding, strength from inside out and how to harness your nervous system to live in a calm and graceful presence. Improve your lifestyle to empower, regenerate & live fully. If not now then when?
So what is the real secret to creating your life the way you want to live it?
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women tap into your Energy, bring yourself into Balance & Connect to your inner guidance!

 Unlock the part of your self that ALREADY contains all the clarity, ideas and guidance you need to invite your soul-aligned life, love and all the goodness you want into your experience. 

Reveal your potential & tap into the limitless power of your energy flow in all the levels of your being-physical, mental, emotional- starting by bringing your physical body into BALANCE.

Nothing Can Change On The Outside


Can you imagine how it would feel no matter what is happening around you, you are ok?
How different would your life feel?

How different would YOU be if you felt good in your body, feel you have clarity and confidence in your choices? 

I’m here to show that it doesn’t matter for how long you’ve experienced anxiety, pain, disconnection, or how many times you have tried to change things and failed. You just need the right guidance and a method to transform those habits & beliefs that hold you back.

You can FREE yourself from anxiety, fear, fatigue, burnout patterns and overwhelm and reclaim your health and joy NOW. You can do it!

• Cut months, even years between where you are now and where you want to be.

• Live in EASE, FLOW and GRACE by default.

• Experience a level of ALIVENESS you never knew existed!

21-Day Cleanse & Reset Women Wellness & Life Coaching Irana Ji An Yoga Shala Paros Yoga Greece anapnoe yoga

Irana's Coaching & teachings have definitely been a turning point in my practice and life bringing more awareness and wisdom. An amazing  experience!

 Such a great Coach & teacher Irana with an impressive knowledge of Yoga and such an inspiring Woman living yoga. I can say  she teaches with deep passion and so much knowledge. You will always be in my heart. With my deepest gratitude to you Irana, you changed my life! Namaste

Claudia Letti

How do I know that 21-Day Cleanse & Reset can be a Game Changer for your life?
Because I have experienced it for myself.
Online 21-Day Cleanse & Reset Women Wellness & Life Coaching Irana Ji An Yoga Shala Paros Yoga Greece anapnoe yoga

Hello! My name is Irana Ji An Fourouli and i am the creator of Anapnoe Yoga® Awareness through the Body & founder of Yoga Shala School of Transformational Yoga in Paros Island, Greece.

I am a working yogini passionately Empowering Women through Integral Energetic Alignment Coaching, Transformational Yoga & Ayurveda Holistic Nutrition-to access their divine potential so they can feel whole & fulfilled.  My Yoga & Coaching experiential method Generates Clarity, Emotional Balance, Physical Strength & Health so that you can feel Radiant & Joyful.

How i got here? After years of suffering my own struggles with anxiety, self-confidence and fear, and realising that there is a truly empowering and  effective way of growing Radiant from our past. I started my journey inwards with Transformational Yoga & deep inner work which helped me to realise I was whole, not broken, to generate clarity & energetic alignment. So I found a whole new way of being that enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and trust in the flow of time and life.

Through that work I felt free, empowered and I broke the cycle of anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm. I took all that I had learned throughout my own living exploration and training and transformed my own life, career and of so many other’s lives. And today, I am here taking other women on this journey to find that freedom.


It doesn’t matter where you are right now – you might be in the humble moment, I get it! I’ve been there too! And these were the loneliest and unhappiest times in my life, Nobody understood me, and I felt like a failure. And for a time I just settled for a smaller life. Until I found the one piece of the puzzle I was missing.

 If  you know deep in your heart that there is FAR MORE to you and your  potential, 21-Day Yoga Cleanse & Reset will help you to bring that potential into the HERE & NOW

It’s your time!
21-Day Cleanse & Reset Women Wellness & Life Coaching Irana Ji An Yoga Shala Paros Yoga Greece anapnoe yoga

Irana’s offerings are truly transformative. Her graceful presence and skilful facilitation always invokes a sense of ease and trust.

Through insightful coaching and guided techniques such as breath-work, yoga, meditation, Lifestyle practices, holistic nutrition  and visualisation, she has supported me to connect to my own capacity for healing. Irana is a gifted listener who leads from the heart with sensitivity, humour and wisdom. I highly recommend working with her— I consistently leave our time together feeling more centered, empowered and connected to my own intuition. My life has completely shifted to a new dimension!  Thank you Irana for sharing your gifts so generously with us!”


Mia King

Content Breakdown

21-Day Cleanse & Reset contains powerful energetic processes that helped me and my clients to achieve often miraculous results and growth. My clients often report:

 These are results that many of my  clients experience within a few WEEKS of working with me… and in my program, you will get access to the exact energetic work that allows them to create the life they wanted.

Yes, this kind of growth CAN happen very quickly, when you create space for it in your BODY ENERGY. That’s why I decided to put this program together: to bring you the powerful life tools my  clients use to create results like these, without having to pay the Premium price tag!

This is my life-work and purpose, I hugely believe in the power of Energetic Alignment and Yoga– and it is my honour to bring these teachings to you. Here’s what’s in 21-Day Yoga Cleanse & Reset – is and HOW you will be unlocking the potential, impact and dream life you were born for…

21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women
Module 1 .
Generate Connection & Clarity

The freedom and fulfilment you are dreaming about is not something you need to ‘attain’. It already lives – pre-exists – in your energy.

• In the first module, we will be tapping into that part of your energy and unlocking your deep desire, intention and power to recreate your life. We will be  starting a Physical Nourishing Cleanse &  connection with your self.

• We will be learning the mechanics of how to create a life consciously, the life you choose to live.

• The work you do in this module is the basis of all the miracles and transformations you will experience as a result of going through this program.

Module 2 .
Activate Your metabolism

We will be enhancing detoxification and activating your metabolism to burn fat cells and generate full vitality and  energy flow.

• In the second module, you will  dissolve physical & emotional toxins that are holding you back and you will be tapping into that  part of your energy that brings out your full vitality. 

• You will be incorporating empowering habits in your life to shift  disempowering patterns that keep you stuck and away from your light and vibrancy.

• Generating ultimate Flow – in life, business and all your other affairs. Ease instead of pushing and working hard for your joy & success.

Module 3 .
Emotional Balance

Now you will already start to feel the lightness and ease in your body and  the increase in vitality, and splendour. Your friends may be starting to ask what are you doing that you look so much more confident and shining!

• The work you do in this module will completely shift the way you feel, help you generate enormous amount of life energy, vitality and rejuvenation.

• In the third  module, we will be tapping into balance. Emotional balance. the key to become the creator of your life.

• This is when you will start to experience ease and enhancement of energetic flow. Grace & Ease.

Your Investment
€697 now €195

If you are looking for deep transformation at all levels of your life-physical, emotional, Self- feeling ready to get our of the repeating patterns that hold you back and activate your potential, we will work together one-on one or in intimate group live coaching sessions to reveal your radiance & reset your life!




+ a kick off Personal Coaching Session to Activate your Quantum Intention wit Irana Value €280

€697 now €195

ready to Cleanse & Reset You?

Let’s do it!

A life-changing experience after already a few days since you start to really built in the practice in your everyday life.

“If you are ready to live at your highest level, Irana’s teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I manifested my long dreamed relationship. I strongly recommend it to everyone who is interested in improving their yoga practice & transforming their life in a very sustainable way.

With the yoga classes you  improve your asanas strongly by following  Irana’s skilful and intuitive teaching. The weekly calls with Irana are very important since she guides you through and gives a frame to all the change the course will bring up, physically and emotionally.  Everyone who really wants to bring a change and improvement in their life & yoga practice will love this course!”

-Natassa Silja

21-Day Cleanse & Reset Women Wellness & Life Coaching Irana Ji An Yoga Shala Paros Yoga Greece anapnoe yoga

This course is amazing if you are looking for a radical change in life, cause after you experience it, it becomes a Divine life!

“Irana’s program came to me in a moment where I was far away from myself. Through yoga, breathing and writing I connected straight away with myself again, it balanced me and gave me such an energy that I was not feeling since a long time. Irana is an amazing teacher and her knowledge and experience has no limits! She does not only guides you through the course, you learn so much about life and yoga!

 Thanks Irana, so grateful and full of love!”

- Susana Fou

Bonuses Content Breakdown

Because i want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to get energetically aligned and Reset Yourself and get incredible results by tapping into your energy, you will also get access to these four bonuses (collectively worth over : €1700)


(Value €997)

In this 9-part training, you will discover how you can turn back time, through Wellness Practices. You will generate vitality and promote cell regeneration to look 5 to 10 yers younger in just 10 days!

How To Create A Life Honouring Your Deep Desires

(Value €1297)

In this Workshop, you will ground, develop  resilience while discover how to stay always grounded, knowing where you are standing so you can create your life  the way you want it.

The Mechanics of Creating Your Future Consciously

(Value €497 )

You will discover how you can turn years into months, months into weeks and weeks into days when it comes to living your dream future.


(Value €997)

In this Workbook, you will discover how to energetically align yourself for success on and off the mat so you can create the right energy for success.

ready to Cleanse & Reset?

Let’s do it!
Q & A
What can I expect from 21-Day Yoga Cleanse & Reset?

Expect to get super clear, and most importantly, super aligned, with major areas of your life:

  • Expansion and massive awakening
  • Initialising new projects with courage and bravely stepping into a new reality
  • Setting a goal and being able to achieve it particularly if you have a vision
  • Personal expansion, growth & recognition
  • Cleanse and detoxification
  • Regeneration  and physical body just before spring
  • Create a re-connection with nature
  • Healing unbalances
  • Creativity, re-create, reset and rebirth oneself and relationships through balancing ourselves.
  • Experiencing synchronicities means we are in a state of health, balance and flow.
  • Experience connection with ourselves & others which will empower us to live fulfilled and creative.
  • Enhancing our perception so we can experience our reality with ease and with malleability.
  • Our manifesting abilities will get stronger & stronger.
  • Upgrades available, and magic, more than ever

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their life: reconnect with themselves, triple their energy & learn of how to live integrally balanced lifestyle. It’s especially beneficial for those who want to level up their potential and energy. those feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lethargic, burnout, fatigued and loss of drive for life, with low energy and feel overweighted by life, anxious or depressed, adrenal fatigue and extra bloating or fat. Those who have digestion disturbances, insomnia, menopause and pre=menopause symptoms, and for anyone else wanting to better their life powerfully. This program works well for restarting your life, a new chapter, or improving the performance right now. It also increases vitality and self-reliance. There is no age limitation or gender, or level of yoga practice. From this program you can choose to continue upgrading to SUBLIME FEMME INITIATION>

You have the program lifetime access. However as It is a transformational program and works as a formula designed to get its momentum, you may finish it in 21-28 days for it to give best results. You can repeat it 4 times in one years for every season change to reset yourself.

Not at all. The body work practices here are accessible and powerful for every body type and healing and rejuvenating for everyone.

Like everything in life we really want to achieve, requires time, space and focused attention from us, so does this process of recalibrating yourself: You need to invest one and a half  hour a day. I always say, When we really want something we find or make time, when we don’t, we find excuses.

As soon as you sign up you will get access to the 21- Day Cleanse & Reset Bundle.

First Book your Kick of coaching call with Irana to get activated and guided.

If you want to get on a call with us:

21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women

Irana is outstanding as a yogi, as a host, as a coach and as a person. This work is deep and life changing. You move to the next level, game changer!

Thank you once more for your wonderful teachings and this life changing experience! I can feel the difference in my everyday life. I can cope with matters at work in a much calmer way and enjoy the simple everyday things that matter more. I feel calm and wake up feeling light and joyful. As for my yoga practice, excellent instruction, the care with which her program is put together and carried out and her overall attention to the detail is much above the level of others. Thank you Irana!

Josefina Ceat

The secret is to LIVING FULLY IS
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women
This program is perfect for You IF:
  • If you are looking for radical change at all levels of your life. 
  • If you feel there is no more time to loose and you want to live fully, vibrantly.
  • If you want to feel sexy and beautiful in your own body, embracing your femininity and uniqueness.
  • If you feel you need to detox your body, mind and find emotional balance. 
  • If you constantly find yourself fighting anxiety, emotional overwhelm and… depression.
  • If you are constantly facing a roller coaster of fear, stress or disconnection…
  • Then this course is the most rapid way to breakthrough and learn how to live in balance in a way that fits your time and schedule.

There are limited spaces and they won’t last long so, I’d encourage you to act quick.
Your Investment
Are you ready to create a joyful life for yourself?
Are you ready to invest in your health?
€697 now €195
21-day Yoga Cleanse & ResetIrana Ji An Fourouli Yoga Shala paros Women Wellness Coaching Yoga For Women

She has more knowledge and wisdom than you could possibly share, but you can see how powerful transformational yoga is just by being around Irana.

This course was incredibly well thought out and taught. Irana is such an incredible woman and lead instructor who continues to be a student herself. She has more knowledge and wisdom than you could possibly share, but you can see how powerful transformational yoga is just by being around Irana. It was an intensive program, but it is a program that will change your life if you’re open to it and at the very least  I’m confident you’ll love this journey program and you’ll thank yourself for signing up for it today.

Amber Vaul

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