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‘As a Senior Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Trainer & Life Coach, I guide and inspire mainly women through Transformational Experiences Online– & around the globe– into awakening to live consciously, fearlessly, and fully. Anapnoe Yoga®Awareness through the body is my teaching path: a Conscious Living practice method that reveals your Essence: your authentic, best, pure you. I integrate Yoga, Ayurveda, Movement, Stillness, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath-work, Healing Dance, and Living Practices. I teach Yoga as Lifestyle, as conscious evolution.’_Irana Ji An Fourouli


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Yoga as a Lifestyle.

Discover your potential and live wellness, balance, and health. Practice. Get physically and internally strong. Embody presence. Learn. Experience inner and outer alignment and energetic flow from within. Evolve into full awareness. Be a Professional Yoga Teacher. Train Further & Advance your Yoga education. Empower yourself & Transform your life. Inspire. training hatha vinyasa-Paros-Greece-

Specialized training Workshops: Yoga, Ayurveda, Dance, Meditation, Holistic healing & Integral wellness.

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Solo Yoga Retreats are an opportunity to reconnect with oneself, to rejuvenate and enjoy life and nature.


Online Yoga, Ayurveda, Writing & Life Coaching stay healthy, strong, vibrant & balanced. Do something your future You will be thankful for.


Awareness through the body

“Awareness is a flowering of relaxation. Wherever you feel any tension in the body, relax that part. If your whole body is relaxed, your awareness will grow faster. Just watch, just see, make no effort, do not strive; an effortless awareness. It is a knack. Once you have learned the knack, once you have known even a single moment of awareness without tension, you are on the right track; you will never be the same person again” Osho

Paros Island, Greece

21-day 200-Hr YTTC

Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

Integral Training Retreat


Yoga Shala Paros

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